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Woman who saved President Buhari from coup plotters advises against November 2018

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By Joseph Undu

Renowned herbal practitioner and Director, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Awka, Chief Dr (Mrs) Flora Ifeanyichukwu Nkemakonam Ilonzo, who narrated in her book "Peace- The legacy of an icon of our time" how she saved President Muhammadu Buhari in 1984 from coup plotters when he was the Military Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces, has again adviced the President and other patriotic Nigerians to pray hard against the month of November 2018.

While in an exclusive chat with Daily Champion newspapers in Ambassador Victor Chibundu's office in Lagos, the United Nations (UN-Polac) Ambassador of peace warned Nigerians and President Buhari against the month of November as she also talked about the whereabouts of the abducted Chibok girls and her efforts over the years in bringing succour to the downtrodden in the society.

"Buhari needs to be careful. I am praying for his life and I asked the wife to be cautious too. Buhari is still hanging, his legs have not touch the ground as I'm seen it. There are many bad people around him which he knows, they are his die-hard enemies but now turn to the party and are very close to him. They are having conflicts. He should be careful about what he takes, his treatment and everything. Not that they will shot him but Nigeria should pray hard to avert tragedy in November. It is just like sending somebody to the market with salt and then you call rain maker to rain. They are having conflict; you know, my motor is resolving the friction between man and nature, so maybe that's why those revelation do come to me. I saw his victory prior to the last general elections and when I voiced it out, they threatened to kill me in a text message which I still have till today,” she noted.
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On the famed Chibok girls abduction by the Islamic terror group, Dr Ilonzo revealed that though many of the girls are not alive, there is still a possibility of getting some of them who are alive back, adding that some have married with issues now. According to her, “Some of them would come back on their own later. Some are still within Nigeria but some have been married outside Nigeria. Now, they are not in group, they are not in camp, they have separated them. The very time they took those girls away, I warned and mentioned where the girls where held captive at that time in an interview published in Orient Daily newspaper. I also mentioned it in Washington DC as well but nobody took it seriously. I made several futile attempts to reach out to the people concern but rather, I was asked to meet with chief Edwin Clarke which I never did.

“As at that time, they have not separated them. But now they have scattered the girls. They are not in one place again. But at that time, as I saw it, I mentioned the place after the bridge in a particular place in the north. They were divided into two groups. It was at that stage I warned that, there is going to be war. The problem is that if I say something, some people ignored it and say this woman has come out to boast again until later such a thing happened. For example, people do come to me with issues of missing relatives. What I do is that I will asked them if they have their personal belongings. Once I get any, then I burn some plants and anywhere they are, they come back. For Chibok girls, they did them something like charm that makes them not to recognize even their parents. In spite of that, it is still very possible to get some of them back if I can have their personal belongings which they have been using before their adduction, and of course, with government support.”

Chief Mrs Ilonzo also explained that her great grandfather was a herbalist who often helps people to find missing things. “If you entered his house and steal something, you will stay there or even if you manages to go, once he burns that plant anywhere you are in the world, you will bring that thing back yourself. There is a particular plant in our place once they burn it, you will confess your crime and people have been using it to find out things. It is not a charm. God has given every plant it’s power in different ways. It is just for people to discover it.”

She further stated that, this her determination to leave an endurance legacy when she is no more, adding that she once picked a young mad and naked man who was suffering from pile for seven years on the streets in Awka and cured him of his pile and mental condition. Then send him back to his people. “Everything is on the internet for people who doubt to verify. His picture, confessions and everything. l have a very big clinic at University of Nigeria Nsukka, among other universities where trained pharmacists used for their research studies for the past 17 years now. I have a botanic garden been labeled by renowned world researchers led by professor Maurice Iwu. The garden has over 375 species of different medicinal plants and I take care of it by myself. I also published books like “Questions and Answers on phytomedicine,” “Herbs and your Health,” and “food and your health,” and others.

“l also have a mini zoo where people including students and Anambra state government visitors do come to see for free. I take care of it myself. It is only people that I treated or helped before like people I offered scholarship to further their education from primary to university levels that sometimes do assist me with food to give those animals. I don’t collect any money from visitors to the zoo. Now I want to devote my time helping people because many people are suffering from sicknesses that can easily be treated but they don’t have money. I want good spirited individuals, corporate organizations and missionaries to assist me in this regard.

“Because of my age now, I cannot do it alone. I need to recruit people who can help me in treating sick people and them give them trade. Now they will not talk about accommodation because I have the building and a vast area of land. I have trained many people who have workshops in different places in the country today. I can do many things. I can weave. I can weave army belts. I design clothes. I’m a shoemaker. In short, I can do so many trade if not for age. I am building a factory where the youths can acquire skills for self-empowerment. I tried it immediately after the civil war with rehabilitation center where I gathered the youths, rehabilitate them and teach them some skills and it works. Many of them are doing very well till today.

“One thing I hate in my life is falsehood. I don’t like to stand on people especially the less privileged to make my way. This is the last project I would like to bequeath to humanity considering my age. I don’t have money again to continue doing it alone that’s why I am calling on people to help me accomplish this project for the benefit of the downtrodden in our society.”

Dr. Ilonzo expressed her gratitude to the government of Taiwan saying, “I won’t forget to thank the Taiwanese government which send one container of hand clutches, wheelchairs and many other things for the disable under my care sometimes ago. I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the Chinese government through Ambassador Victor Chibundu, the President of Nigeria China Friendship Association of which I’m a member to also come to my aid.”

When asked to explain briefly how she saved president Buhari from a well planned coup in 1984 as she claimed in her book, Ilonzo said she was the saviour of Buhari in 1984 in Enugu when a coup was planned to eliminate him, adding that she used her God given power to botch the plot.

She explained, “Thirty one years ago, when Your Excellency was the Military Head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces, I foresaw and exposed a plot to assassinate you during an official visit to Anambra state. I immediately contacted the authorities for over action and for the postponement of your visit. I was in a dream and saw the shooting to death of several Igbo leaders as they lined up to welcome the Head of state, General Muhammadu Buhari in 1984.

“The visit was still nine days away, so something must be done, and fast too to foresaw the calamity. As a civil servant, I could not approach the Governor directly, but I wrote a letter to the Governor through his Principal Secretary, Mr Ossai and copied the same letter to the Commissioner of Police, the GOC 82 Division of the Nigerian Army and Commander Signal Brigade in Enugu. I personally undertook to deliver that of the Governor and the GOC 82 Division. In view of my vision, I urged them to defer the visit of the Head of state, emphasizing that once I have such revelation, it surely must take place.

“At the receipt of the Governor’s letter, the Principal Secretary read it and instructed his staff to call me back. In my presence, he told them of the content of the letter and called me names, insinuating that I was one of those women hanging around army barracks running after soldiers. He tore the letter and warned his staff never to allow me inside his office again. By the time I got home, my staff who went to deliver copies of the letter had returned, accompanied by the GOC 82 Division, Major General Y. Y. Kure. He confirmed the receipt of my letter, and wanted to know what to do. I maintained what said in the letter—That the visit must be postponed till the bad boys have been fished out and dealt with.

“Within thirty minutes, the Commissioner of Police and Brigade Commander also arrived at my 22 Savage Crescent, GRA, Enugu residence, where they met the GOC. During my discussions with them, I asked to first of all take inventory of the armoury to determine what was stolen. I also informed them that the blank bullets used for ceremonial occasions had been replaced with life bullets, to enable the plotters kill all those they wanted to kill. I also confirmed to them the place the stolen ammunition was hidden. They left and first of all visited the armoury where it was found that some ammunition were actually missing. They came back and sought my help to locate the missing ammunition. I went to collect leaves my grandfather, Akunne Onyido, used to trace lost items. I sent them to collect sands from where the ammunitions were stolen from.

“I mixed the leaves and sand and used the gunpowder to set it ablaze. When it has been burnt, I collected the ashes and gave them two portions, one to sprinkle around the barracks. I told them that it would make those involved to confess, which is better than my revealing their names. Before then, they had arrested the armourer, Lt. Anyaka. But I told them he was innocent. The following day, they sprinkled the powder on the parade ground before the arrival of the soldiers for the parade. Immediately after, one of the soldiers residing at the Thinkers Corner confessed that he was to kill the Head of State. He named some of his collaborators after which he shot himself. They called another parade to which I was invited.

“I was there disguised as a groundnut seller. After the GOC’s address, one of the plotters stood up and pointed out his accomplices. He took the GOC, the Signal Brigade Commander, Emmanuel Akoji, to the armoury to demonstrate how they entered the place. He rubbed his back on the wall and the doors opened. Immediately, the powder was rubbed on him and he could not come out the same way. He was arrested. I then took them to where the stolen ammunition were kept, there were all together nine bombs, twelve cartons of hand grenades, and 12 crates of ammunition, hidden in a bunker.”

This interview was first published on page 35 (Features page) of Daily Champion newspaper, Friday July 17, 2015 under the headline, Woman who saved Buhari from coup plotters advises against November 2015. However, OKECHUKWU ONUEGBU of, edited and republished it under the current headline.



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