Thursday, 18 January 2018

This Soldier Has Promised N100K To Anybody Who Helps Find His Best Friend

A Nigerian soldier simply identified as Daniel is set to give out N100,000 to anybody who could find his secondary schoolmate and best friend, Anthony Nwadike a.k.a Shemie. The handsome soldier also revealed the condition for collecting the N100K as he said that the person who finds his friend will have to come along with him to his current base which will later be revealed.

The soldier went to Nigeria Army Armour School Bauchi, Bauchi State...

Below is what Daniel shared on Facebook;

Pls am looking for a boy called ANTHONY NWADIKE aka SHEMIE my secondary school mate and my bestie if anyone could finds him, he will be given 100k cash and i will tell u my current base and u must come along with him.



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