Thursday, 18 January 2018

Teacher’s wife seeks divorce over alleged neglect

  A primary school teacher’s wife, Mrs Konimai Manomi, has asked a Pankshin Upper Area Court in Plateau to dissolve her marriage over alleged total neglect and abandonment by her husband
Presenting her petition before the Judge, Mr Joseph Challom on Thursday, Manomi accused the husband of abandoning her and their four-year-old son at her paternal home for three years.
Manomi told the court that the marriage was solemnised at COCIN Church LCC, Nadu village in Chip District on March 10, 2013 but that there had been series of misunderstandings between them.
She said that from all indications, her husband neither loved her any more nor cared for her well-being and that of their only son.
“I am in this court to ask for the dissolution of my marriage to Mr Manomi, a teacher, for sending me out of the matrimonial home with our only boy for three years now, without him showing any sign of interest in me.
“Since I left the matrimonial home with the baby, he did not know how the boy was being fed and taken care of till this day.
“In as much as he is no longer interested in me, he should give me a divorce certificate for me to have my freedom, ’’ she said.
Konimai, who refused to be represented by a lawyer, pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage and give her the custody of the child.
Manomi, through his Counsel, Mr Chrys Gotom, debunked the wife’s claims, saying that the marriage was a Christian one which did not encourage divorce but settlement of whatever differences to save it.
“My Lord, we are in strong disagreement with the claims of the petitioner and would challenge them accordingly, especially the issue of abandonment and custody of the child.
“We hope to reply her claims in writing at the next adjourned date as we will apply for an adjournment to enable us do that,’’ Gotom pleaded.
The judge directed the defendant to prepare his witnesses for the hearing of the case proper and adjourned the case until Feb. 28 for hearing. (NAN)



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