Tuesday, 23 January 2018

CP seeks media support to tame criminals in Sokoto

The new Commissioner of Police in Sokoto State, Mr. Murtala Mani has solicited the support of the media in the task of taming criminal activities in the state.
Mani said at an interactive session with newsmen on Tuesday in Sokoto that he would work closely with the media in generating public support to policing in the state.
The commissioner stressed that security is everybody’s business, and said the media should create awareness for residents to be security conscious and support security agencies with vital information to tame criminal activities.
“This meeting is the beginning of our journey to work together and bring offender to book.
“The press is well known for its positive contribution to the development of the society, therefore, feel free to access me and raise any issues especially pertaining to security matters.
“It is the responsibility of every citizen of the state to know that security is something of paramount importance that all hands must be in deck.
“It is only when we are secured that we can go out to our places, Churches or Mosques, visit the market and attend to our daily activities.” (NAN)



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