Friday, 26 January 2018

Children Parliament advocates family court in FCT

The Speaker of the FCT Children Parliament, Mr Oralgrandeur Nwaka, has appealed to relevant stakeholders to advocate for sitting of family court at the Magistrates and High Courts in Abuja.
Nwaka made the appeal while presenting the communiqué issued at the end of the stakeholders engagement on improving alternative child care to the Gwagalada Area Council Chairman, Mr Adamu Mustapha.
The communiqué also demanded the establishment of children parliament in Gwagwalada.
It stated the need for effective implementation of the Child Rights Act (CRA) in the area council, while calling on institutions and other stakeholders to practice all policies that protects the child.
“Efforts should be made by all stakeholders to prevent the breakdown of the family structures.
“All child care organisations should upgrade their systems, structures and personnel.
“Child care institutions and other stakeholders should imbibe and practice the contents of UN guidelines for the alternative care of children, the CRA and the FCT child protection policy.
“Children should not be unnecessarily placed in alternative care, there is need to ensure the principles of appropriateness, necessity and suitability in placement of children in alternative care,” the communiqué read in part.
It further called for the establishment and capacity building for committees in community schools, stressing that no child should be left to grow up alone without adequate care and attention.
While receiving the communiqué, the council chairman who was represented by the Vice Chairman, Mr Mohammed Kasim, assured of implementation of the resolutions.
Kasim described children as not only the future of the country but a part of its development, assuring that the council will not take it likely with any violator of children’s rights.
The Programme Director of SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria, Mr Ahmed Bappare, expressed displeasure over the alarming rate of vulnerable children in the parts of the country.
He however called for better collaboration between government and other stakeholders to tackle the growing poor child protection.
Bappare noted that statistics of 10 years back shows more than 17.5 million children are vulnerable, and if reviewed presently the number would be higher.
The Chairman of Child Protection Network in Gwagwalada, Mr John Amokaha, said that the advocacy for child protection was necessary in view of population rise.
He said many children are growing into aggressive adults in the streets due to increasing population where economic resources are scarce, deteriorating structures and level of education going down daily. (NAN)



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