Friday, 1 December 2017

VIDEO: ‘Oluwa’ was released because I want to become a celebrity – IceBerg Slim

Olusegun Olowokere, aka Iceberg Slim, has disclosed the reason behind his new song ‘Oluwa’. He
made this known to #TvcWakeupNigeria crew on Thursday.
”The new song ‘Oluwa’ is a side of Iceberg Slim that the world has probably never seen. I’ve decided to showcase my versatility. The song is about me, speaking to God (Oluwa), pleading for his blessings and grace over myself and the people around me. God inspired the song ‘Oluwa’. DJ circle slept over at my place, we tried and started working on an inspiration I got, we prayed and started working on it. The song is for everybody to relate to. I have been hustling and trying to become a celebrity, so I had to do this song and prayed to God for a breakthrough”.



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