Monday, 25 December 2017

Is Anambra State Commissioner of Women Affairs involving in fraudulent acts?

By Simoen Nwogha
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How true is it that a Commissioner in Anambra State is involved in fraud, misconduct, involvement of crime related issues?

Is there any truth in allegation that the Anambra State Commissioner for Social Welfare, Children and Women Affairs, Chief Hon. Dr. Victoria Chikwelu is being accused of involving in the illegal extortion of workers of motherless babies home, alleged selling of children; diversion of gift items and fund meant for the home?

According to a report published by crestdaily, the Commissioner had since 2015, allegedly asked members of casual workers of the state-owned orphanage home under her watch to be remitting N50, 000 monthly through the Coordinator, even as the N25, 000 been paid to casual workers as monthly salaries were equally allegedly reduced to N15, 000 while the remaining N10, 000 are allegedly pocketed by the Commissioner and her cohorts, who our investigation reveals was the former director of the ministry.

The local news medium also alleged that the affected Motherless Baby Home were charged to remit such monies or loss their salaries, thereby prompting the management, under the alleged instruction of the commissioner, to sack all the workers in the home and recruit another set which was long executed, sequel to inability to meet up with the targeted N50, 000 monthly remittances which were allegedly not reflected in the ministry’s accounts.

It claimed that its sources confide in it that a former director of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Children and Women Affairs, Anambra State is the one influencing the activities of the home, even to the extent of determining who becomes the Director of Child department.
They alleged that the said former director is the agent of the commissioner in illicit child adoption business with the private orphanage homes across the state with returns.
Our investigation reveals that one Anthonia and Hope who was supposed to have made the Director of Child Department was dropped and picked the just served director, their junior, whose retirement was due on 9th December, 2017 but still there because the former director is still shopping for her replacement, owing to the fact that the duo of Anthonia and Hope were not cooperating with the business of the commissioner and the former Director.
However, when our reporters contacted the embattled Honourable Commissioner, she told our undercover reporters who briefed her of the subject matter that the ministry is being run by the casual staff, employed by her, noting that all the staffs in the orphanage home were casual workers who are answerable to her, through the director of the Child Department.
Hon. Chikwelu who admitted that majority of the decision taken in the Child Department was influenced by former director, insists that the former director is the consultant to the Child Department.
According to her, “Mr. Emeka Ejide is the consultant to the Child Department of the ministry, having worked as a director; he has wealth of experience to advice the department properly.
“When I came in, I discovered that majority of the staffs there were old people who do not understand the modern day trend in child caring, so I relieved them of their duty and pay them one month in advance.
On whether she is having illegal deals with the private orphanage homes in the state, the Commissioner said that majority of the orphanage homes in the state registered with the government through the ministry and she supervises their activities including child adoption.
She vehemently denied involvement in child sales allegation, but admitted that she knew that such activities occurs in most private orphanage homes which she claims to be supervising in the state.
On the alleged illegal tasking and collection of N50,000 monthly which failure to remit would amount to loss of their salaries, Dr. Chikwelu admitted it but said that such money is being used in maintaining the home as government does not have budget on the home, even as she claims that most a times, she use her personal money in running the expenditure of the home without expecting refund.
Meanwhile, inside sources have insisted that Chikwelu is threatening to terminate their appointments of the workers and coordinators of the aggrieved motherless babies home should they speak to the press of the ongoing corruption and man-inhumanity to man.
Similar reports occurred in 2015 where the same commissioner was accused of defrauding the state government the whooping sum of over 3billion naira, which was indicted by the panel setup by governor, led by SSG, but Governor later pardoned and warned her against such act.  
The report had it the that the Commissioner of Women Affairs had since inception of her political portfolio, allegedly directed all the state government owned orphanage homes under her watch to be remitting N128, 000 monthly through their respective Coordinators, even as the N25, 000 been paid to casual workers as monthly salaries were equally allegedly reduced to N15, 000 while the remaining N10, 000 are allegedly pocketed by the Commissioner and her cohorts



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