Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Innoson's unveiled 4 new products and its portent to Africans

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Gloria Anaeze Onitsha
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The Innoson Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Company(IVM) Nnewi, Anambra state yesterday unveiled IVM G80, IVM 40, IVM 20 and IVM Granitein .
It was a historic ceremony as it  was attended by government officials, business class, clergies and traditional rulers.
Delivering  his opening  speech at the occasion, the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of IVM, Dr Innocent Chukwuma recalled the high level of discouragement he got from few of his trusted friends when he intended to set up the motor manufacturing plant.
He said that his friends based their argument on the grounds that the existing plants in the country has gone comatose and that government and their agencies don't normally patronize local industries.
Dr Chukwuma noted that eight years later, the story has changed and that doubters have been proved wrong as IVM has become an established brand name in motor manufacturing.
The Chairman, CEO IVM said he decided to introduce the new products to take care of the high class Nigerians who who want to drive made in Nigeria vehicles.
He solicited for more patronage and partnership from Nigerians noting that he is not out to make money but to prove that Nigeria is capable of producing her own vehicle.
In his remark, the SA to the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Emeka Ihezulike who actually represented the minister Dr Okechukwu Enelamah said that IVM is a pride not just to Nigeria but the entire Africa countries.
He said that the federal government is so very interested in what Innoson is doing and has continue to patronize the company.
A first class traditional ruler from Osun state, HRM Rasheed Adewale Akanbi(Oluwo of Iwo) stressed the need for traditional rulers in the country to start using the IVM products as their official cars.
Oluwo of Iwo said he would present the matter to Osun state government when he gets back home, so that the traditional rulers in the state will start using the vehicles like their counterparts from Anambra state.



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