Sunday, 3 December 2017

I Found Her In Youth Service

it was a sunny afternoon on February 2nd 2015 at the inec election training exercise at the Federal polythenic idah , even the chaos couldn't stop me from noticing this pretty damsel, can i see you after the exercise started the conversation, we saw and exchanged numbers , that was the spark. she was the faceless dream driving me to kogi state, she was the one ,the answer from God to my prayers, I knew I would meet her someday but never envisaged in Idah, kogi state . The relationship started like a joke growing day by day. we passed out from service and we moved to our bases in Lagos and Benin respectively yet the love grew stronger thanks to WhatsApp . By God's grace we would be tying the conjugal knot on the 16th of December at winners chapel Aduwawa Benin. who says nysc relationships dies after service .To God be the glory



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