Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas: Nigerians groan as high cost of Transportation, fuel scarcity linger

Transport fare by road in Nigeria have increased to over hundred per cent what it used to be in the past.
Image result for pictures of Nigerians travellers and fuel queue
This astronomical increase started since 23rd December to today, December 25 due to fuel scarcity in Nigeria. Most petrol stations currently sold a litre at N250, N300 and above across the country as against N145 it used to be in the past.There are various vehicles currently parked as some travelers decide to trek about to their destinations.
Related image learnt that this prices were as follow;

Lagos to Benin - N8,000

Lagos To Warri - N7,500

Lagos To Onitsha - N14,500 or N15, 000

Lagos to Port Harcourt - 19,500
Port Harcourt to Awka or Onitsha--N10, 000/15, 000

Lagos to Akwa Ibom - 18,000

Lagos to Ibadan - 3,500

Lagos to Abuja- 18,500

Asaba to Abuja - 14,500

Asaba to Lagos 12,000

Asaba to Ozoro 1,700

Benin to Warri - 2,500
Nnewi to Awka- N1500



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