Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Why Ezeemo should be begged to govern Anambra?

Chief Peter Ameh, National Chairman, PPA

By O’star Eze

Progressive People’s Alliance, PPA, National Working Committee, NWC, has spoken in glowing terms about her flag bearer in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election, Mr Godwin Ezeemo, while expressing confidence that the people’s vote will count and electoral malpractice curbed to the barest minimum come November 18, 2017.

Speaking to the press after the recently held campaign flag-off, PPA National Chairman, Chief Peter Ameh said that “the likes of Ezeemo are the sort that are usually begged by the people to govern them given his proven capacity, wealth of experience and exposure as well as dedication to social justice for the people.”

In his words, “his honesty, integrity and accountability has endeared him to many hearts and so far compared to other candidates fielded by other parties, it is obvious that he is the best candidate.”

Discrediting the notion that PPA is a small party, Ameh said that their candidate is “a man who employs more than 1000 Anambrarians, has proven sincere boundless love for Anambra State and is therefore a formidable force.”

He said that the notion of big party and small party held sway when accountability was not in Nigeria’s electoral process. “From 1999 till date, there have been several reforms which have checked all forms of electoral malpractice. 

“Right now, moves are being made for a system of voting whereby as you cast your vote, it is transmitted straight to the central collation system electronically,” he said.

“PPA is not just a political party but a political movement, all thanks to Godwin Ezeemo who has greatly influenced and impacted the party since he became its leader; we share ideas in place of money, commitment in place of thuggery and love for the people in place of forceful bargaining.”

On his part, Barrister Kehinde Edoh, PPA National Secretary said that he is convinced Ezeemo is the ideal governor for Anambra State given that he is the only candidate who has proven that “indeed his heart is with Anambra people and he is resolved to spend the rest of his life in Anambra working towards making the state work.”

“This is a man who left his comfort zone in the UK where he was already made to return his business headquarters to Nigeria and has been tirelessly impacting lives and preaching both in words and deeds the need for a 360 degree change in mindset as a sine qua non for a society that works.
Barrister Kehinde Edoh, National Secretary PPA

He said that the party failed to deliver Ezeemo in the last elections because it had not enough time to introduce him to the people but that the party had been on its feet since 2013 and has been able to do a more thorough job this time around.

“We are confident that Anam
bra people appreciate the best they have in Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo this time and would prove they want the best at the polls on the D-day,” he said. 



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