Saturday, 25 November 2017

Why do you still insult Emeka Ojukwu Jnr?

By Okey Maduforo

Most of you here are political mugus, and some are even more in matured for insulting Mr Ojukwu jnr. Joining any political party is an inalienable right of any individual. A lot of the guys u are giving respect today have jumped from one political party or the other in search of relevance and thereby confusing his/her followers and the so call Youths.
Again, all political parties in Nigeria are the same, there are no ideological differences, just parochial interests and a ladder to power.
So if you are there still believing that one party is Igbo party and the other Hausa or Yoruba party, ibu nnukwute mugu! For those questioning the Guy's decision, don't forget that his father joined a national party NPN like APC now but he left the so call Igbo Party then NPP formed by Zik of Africa when he returned from exile and contested for senate under NPN and failed. When he failed he was still relevant in the political circle.
Some of u thinking that when someone fails an election, he is finished or not relevant politically or otherwise.  You guys should grow up politically. Hausas are in APC, PDP and even APGA. They are not stupid, they are doing that for a purpose.
Check, from 1999, the Hausas and Yorubas have been in the mainstream, despite the central ruling party. NDIGBO should learn how to be playing politics like others and stop this disharmony and segregations among us. Our problems are too many but No1 factor is that of "I TOO KNOW FACTOR"
It is hard for NDIGBO to form an accord of unity in this county with the current myopic thinking of some of our political Leaders and their followers. We need a rethink as NDIGBO into our political future.



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