Thursday, 23 November 2017

Which political party does Ifeanyi Ubah belongs to?


By Chidi Okafor

Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is not a only a financial juggernut, but a political machinery.

His involvement in the just concluded election, vindictive as it may appear,  goes to show that he is too big to be neglected politically.

I personally doff my hart for his strong skills and political dexterity.

However, a lot of questions still trail his political decsisons, actions and inactions.

Few questionable 'smart acts' which he has fully perpetrated are as follows.

Build up to the 2017 Anambra election, Ifeanyi Ubah caused his campaign posters to be flooded in the streets of Awka, shortly, he came out to deny any knowledge or involvement in that act.

That was just a smart one intended to gauge the opinions of the masses and their perception about APC.

Subsequently, he began his social media crusade in his palatial home in Nnewi every fortnight where he demanded that the only condition to be met before he  would support Gov Obiano for his second  term is if he is offered the  position of the DG of his reelection campaign committee.

This call fell on deaf ears as Gov Obiano and his team ignored him.

Having failed to obtain the attention of the governor and his team, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, as the primary election drew near began his journey into APC. ..

Moreso, he hosted the APC state and local government party officers, stakeholders, traders and fans in his Nnewi home. He attended several meetings of the APC aspirants and APC counted him as one of the aspirants for the race.

In his revered fashion, he deployed his boys to the field, they went to work and cleared, bulldozed and swept every dirts, trees and blockages that may hamper his free movement into the Guber race.

UNFORTUNATELY,  came his ordeal in the hands of same APC govt that he sought to contest his Governorship ambition under its platform.

As he was released, he made a quick return to PDP  and without fanfare or any  social media  hype, he  obtained by proxy the expression of interest form from the pdp national secretariat.

What happened afterwards is before the public.

_Today, Dr PIU seems to be a member of Apga having worked assiduously for the re-election of Gov Obiano in the just concluded governorship election._

The pertinent question is
*Is Dr PIU a registered member of PDP in his Ward or anywhere?*
*Is Dr PIU a registered member of APC in his ward or anywhere?*
*Is Dr PIU a registered member of APGA in his ward or anywhere?*

Assuming  that he is a big fish that can only be celebrated at the national level, I would love to see Victor Oye signing and giving Dr Ifeanyi Ubah the Apga membership card at the Apga secreteriate, Abuja.

Seriously, his recent demand for an apology from PDP and Pita Obi, a party and a candidate he worked against is not only suspicious, but an indication that he is not yet politically settled,  especially now that PDP convention is around the corner.

It's high time all these big boys and men stop 'ichigahria anyi ka mpuru amu' as they run to and fro politcal parties in pursuit of their personal interests and ego.

Now that Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu Jnr  (same man Ifeanyi Ubah used his federal might to rob his victory in 2015 ) has joined the  APC led federal government and has gone to formalise his membership in Abuja, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah SHOULD  and MUST be seen to stay put, stand firm and remain immovable in APGA to ensure that AFA IGBO AMA FU.

I would hate to admit that #afaigboefuna is a vendatta  slogan targeted at Pita Obi, rather let it be an evepration of  his boiling passion,  true expression of his love,  and commitment to the Igbo socio-political emancipation.

APGA more than ever needs the weight of Ifeanyi Ubah to make more inroad to South East and become stable.

It's time for Dr Ifeanyi to bid final bye bye to both APC and PDP and channel all his energies, resources and creativity to building Apga and championing Igbo cause.

No more politcal catwalking and party WakaPass



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