Friday, 17 November 2017

Contradicting prophecies on Anambra's tomorrow guber poll


By O’star Eze

As the Election Day draws nearer, several self-acclaimed seers are making contradicting pronouncements on the outcome of the election. While some say that the incumbent will retain his position, others say they see an unexpected candidate winning the governorship election.

Orient Daily met with one of the seers, Daniel Okechukwu, from Nnewi, who claimed he had been foreseeing events since he was a child. He told our reporter that the election will be between APC and the incumbent, APGA, adding that while PPA is not a factor in the grand finale of the election, “overtaking is allowed.”

“I see the same grace that put Obiano in that position restoring him there. Yet, I see that if Obiano abuses the grace, it will be taken away from him and given to APC or PPA,” Okechukwu said.

However, the senior prophet of Favour Prayer Ministry, Osumenyi, Samuel Eke, told Orient Daily that he is seeing an unknown party winning the election, while warning against “last minute evil conspiracy.”  He called on people of God to pray against blood shed during the electioneering process. 

An Awka-based minister of the gospel who spoke on basis of anonymity was of the view that “God will show Himself strong in the forthcoming election by confounding the mouth of the wicked who are bent on confusing the masses with hand-outs.” Though he refused to mention any party emerging the victor, he maintained that the outcome of the election will surprise all who think they have manipulated the process to their favour.

It would be recalled that various renown “men of God” have been alleged to have said in recent times that they saw an unknown party taking over the reins of power from the incumbent. 



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