Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Attacks on Atiku would fail, Group insists, endorses Atiku

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The Save the Dream Nigeria-Project, a Non-Governmental Organization NGO, yesterday hailed the resignation of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar from the APC.
In a press statement, issued and signed by the National Coordinator of the group,  Chris Chukwubuzor Azuka, argued that as a free citizen of Nigeria, Atiku is at liberty to join any political party of his choice at any given time, as well as pursue his political aspirations, without  hindrance  from any quarters. 
'We are delighted that he has left the visionless ruling party that has failed in keeping its election promises to restructure the country and advance the course of peace, unity and development therein. We consider Alhaji Atiku as a viable political leader, who not only has the vision, intensity and Intelligence to restructure Nigeria but also to give her a new and worthier political direction she truly deserves.Nigeria needs a 21st- century presidency in 2019 and Alh Atiku is for now the only politician, who have clear idea of where our country should be headed in the near future.''
The statement noted  that coordinated media attacks on Alhaji Atiku will fail, adding that the campaign of calumny against him, is ostensibly designed to discredit him by portraying him as not only a corrupt politician, but as one of the most corrupt politicians in the country.
"But what makes him a corrupt politician and where are the pieces of evidence?  In civilized societies, corrupt people are prosecuted in the law courts and not on the pages of newspapers. This man has not even been a governor,  Minister or President, yet, but some vested interest,  afraid of his towering political profile is determined to label him as the most corrupt politician in Nigeria.''



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