Friday, 17 November 2017

Anambra decides: What you don't know about PPA

By O’star Eze

Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo is the Progressive People’s Alliance, PPA flag-bearer in the 2017 governorship election in Anambra State. In this interview with O’star Eze of Orient Daily, he shares why he thinks he is the best man for the job, the commitment of PPA towards a peaceful election and why Anambra electorate voting for any other party aside PPA would be risky.

What makes you think that among the five top candidates (Osita Chidoka, Oseloka Obaze, Willie Obiano, Tony Nwoye, Godwin Ezeemo), you are the best suited for the job?

Among the five candidates that had the debate recently, I am the most suited for the following reasons. One is that I have sincere love for the people of Anambra State. I have passion to do what is right; to change Anambra State to a better state. I have commitment to reduce cost of governance so that people’s welfare can be improved, as against the wasteful governance that is the order of the day that has kept them suffering. I also have the know-how on how to turn things around. I am sure that I can generate more revenue in Anambra State. This same revenue will go directly into government purses and will be used directly to improve the lot of the people. Instead of the revenue going into private purses while the people wallow in deprivation. 

It is already the order of the day that during campaign, politicians go to the grassroots to make several promises. But when they get into office, they turn their backs on the people. How are you assuring the people that your own case is different?

This is the problem I have encountered here. People have a general conception about politicians. They think every politician is alike; who make empty promises to entice voters to vote for them. I am a different person. I have signed a social contract with the people as a confirmation of my sincerity. I do not make promises I cannot keep, been in my private life. And if I have lived it for over 60 years now, I mean, there is no way I can go away from it because I want to lead Anambra State. I still say that it is passion that drives me to lead Anambra State. It is a matter of a mission. It is not an ambition. And I cannot promise anything I am not going to do. I know people are apprehensive now because of corrupt politicians so they generalise. They think everybody is the same. I am a sincere person and my antecedents can attest to that. I am purely self made and that is why I try to cut down on the expenses I make in my campaign. I know that when I get there the funds available and those that will be realised will be used only to look after the people’s needs. It is not business as usual for me. Different groups I have met, i have told that the work will not be business as usual so they will remind me when the time comes. We must shift away from the old method of the winner takes all. 

It wont be business as usual for contractors and civil Servants and indeed all Anambra people. What do you expect Ndi Anambra to do at the poll?

I expected Anambrarians to have a think of their groaning and the number of years they have groaned moaned and complained. Don’t let 10 kg of rice, or N10,000 and whatever be the inducement be the factor? Their conscience should be able to be the factor now. So, if they continue the way they do, they will not get any change from their situation. I expect them now to know that I am the best of all the candidates in terms of what I have for them I am going to do; in terms of my experience; in terms of my truthfulness; in terms of how well established financially I am already before coming out to vie for the position. They should therefore use their votes rightly and make sure they vote me into power. If I do not give them one naira and they vote for me, they have paid their own price. Then the duty will now be on me to make sure that I will deliver fully on my promises to them. 

You have asked Anambra to vet e for you because you strongly believe you have what it takes to lead them to the promised land. Your message to those of your party to ensure the exercise is devoid of violence?

PPA is a peace loving party. After 2013 elections, we have sat to design a system to teach via workshops and seminars what it takes to be a good party person. The answer is to believe and work towards it.  It boils down to what we have been doing for many years which has not helped us. PPA members have commitment, are sincere and are not doing it with the thinking that it is a do or die affair. Bit they will consciously work very hard to make sure nobody cheats them at the polling booth. 

Are you entertaining any fears with regards to the electoral process on Saturday?

In every election, we know there are always rumours from here and there. There allegations of APC, APGA and the rest gearing up tot cheat. It is said that in every rumour there is an auto of truth. OI Nkwo there might be some moves by parties to cheat. That is why just for parties top flag of their campaign of hold primaries, people die in their numbers. In PPA you do not find such a thing. We in PPA are not shaking because we already have understudied all the strategies the other parties will want to use to cheat and we are waiting for them at all those points to truncate the plans. UPP had its own problem, as small as they are, somebody still dies. Yes, they are still trying to perfect what PPA already has. I am the leader of PPA and the followers are bound to follow.

How much trust do you have on the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct a free and fair election in Anambra  on Saturday?

As at now, I still believe that the electoral umpire is doing what they are supposed to do. But based on rumour, I cannot make a valid comment. Until we see how things play it on Saturday morning. That is when I will make a comment. But I will ask them to think that this is black nation. If anybody uses a position to exploit his fellow black, he is cheating himself. What goes around come around. We do not have any other country. If we visit other countries, we will not find home there until we come back here. So we need to make this place the best place for ourselves and generations to come. So, if someone uses his position to exploit other members of the society, he will in future sits down to cry for it. It is said that a harlot cries for a child when she gets old. A harlot will conceive and abort multiple times because of her business. But when she gets old she will no longer be able to conceive and they will cry. That is my parable to INEC officials. 
They will retire someday and the situation they create, they will retire to. As a matter of patriotism, they should make this nation a choice nation for all of us. I also need to advise Anambrarians. If APGA wins, they will be engulfed with litigation and all the revenue generated within Anambra State will all be used to pay judges and lawyers. Anambrarians will suffer. If PDP wins, the same thing will play because they have a case already. Godfatherism will come back again and cripple our state like it did before. If APC wins, there will be more trouble for us because the godfather issue will show forth. Anambra will suffer. Anambra candidates should consider PPA, UPP is upcoming and young. They still have a lot to learn. All Anambra has now is PPA. If you give PPA a chance, you have given Goddy Ezeemo a chance; who lives among them, knows their suffering and has been intervening away before he started vying for more capacity to make Anambra State better. My party is where hands are held together; PPA, ebe ejikoro aka onu. 



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