Sunday, 5 November 2017

Anambra 2017: Over 10,000 Catholic faithful declare for Ezeemo

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By O’star Eze

Devotees of Catholic Adoration Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Uli estimated at about 10,000 recently declared their unalloyed support for Mr Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo as governor of Anambra State come November 18, 2017.

This was after an interactive session with them during their routine adoration night programme whereby Ezeemo exposed the ills of the current political system and how it had hitherto kept the people stuck in the viscous cycle of poverty in all its ramifications.

“The political norm in our society had been Godfatherism, dolling out of money and sharp practices during election period which results in institution of incapable, selfish leaders who rob the public coffers blind and deprive the people from enjoying the basics of life.

“I am appalled at the fact that many of our sons and daughters keep dying in the deserts in the search of greener pastures when we have been blessed with enough human and physical resources to make our place the greener pasture we seek.

“We all are guilty of the persistence of this anomaly because we do not cast our votes consciously and wisely but allow sentiments and immediate aggrandisement to guide our decisions.

“This is not the way it is done in developed countries, in societies that work; rather people take time to evaluate the personality, capacity and antecedents of those who indicate interest in governance and allow their informed judgement to guide their decision.

“We must decide today to tow this line of action or we will remain in the pits we find ourselves where nothing works; epileptic power supply, lack of potable pipe borne water, lack of good access roads, lack of social justice, etcetera.”

Ezeemo then promised that if he is given a chance to be Anambra State governor, that he would enthrone  social justice, provide free and quality education, cut down the cost of governance and ensure that constant power supply and all other basics of life are made available for all, thereby making Anambra State conducive for speedy economic growth and development.

In response, the crowd went ecstatic and at the behest of the officiating priest who expressed satisfaction with the mind using Ezeemo, embarked on a prayer session on behalf of Ezeemo asking God to bring the desire of his heart to actualisation. The choir also sang songs of victory for Ezeemo.image1.jpeg



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