Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Ignore an obviously sponsored declaration--Ezeemo charges OAU

By O'star Eze

Following the recent declaration made by some eggheads in Old Aguata that they have conceded the 2017 elections to the incumbent governor with hope of being given a chance to governor in the next elections after four years, the sole gubernatorial candidate from Old Aguata, Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo, has advised Old Aguata electorates to ignore what he called "an obviously sponsored declaration."
Speaking during the kick off of his campaign team's ward tour at Orumba North Local Government Secretariat, Ajalli, Ezeemo reminded the electorates that they have been deceived for more than 19 years since the creation of the state. 

"Old Aguata, despite her pivotal role in Anambra State politics, has only gone as far as the deputy governorship position.
"This has been the reason for the marginalisation of the region and we should not allow ourselves to remain in this position.
"We have an opportunity this time to break that jinx with the Progressive People's Alliance," he said.

On his part, Comrade Kanu Victor Igbanugo, Ajalli-born political stalwart and Ezendigbo in Osun State said it was a shameful thing that the elders who should be protecting the interest of their people have taken bribe and sold out Old Aguata. 

In his words; "Instead of standing behind an illustrious son of the region who has proven himself the best candidate, these political jobbers went ahead to hold kangaroo endorsement for Obiano. 

"We will not allow this to happen as long as I live. We will ensure that our own son, Ezeemo, wins in Old Aguata and Anambra South in general because I am sure that we will not have this opportunity in a long time, if we miss it this time."

On his part, the PPA state chairman said that PPA has come with a wand of salvation for Anambra State in the person of Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo.

Use your vote to effect a positive change, he advised, while warning the INEC to desist from aiding and abetting any form of electoral malpractice.

"Anambra people are now wiser and they would protect their vote with their last blood," he said.

Lady Adaobi Chinwuko, the state woman leader reminded the people to remember that just as childbirth is very difficult but yet very fulfilling, the path of making Anambra State better by voting in Ezeemo would be difficult but would be the best thing for every nook and cranny of the state.

High point of the event was the converging of a large number of youths towards the stage who sang and displayed some calisthenics, a show of solidarity with Stanley Chigbo Nkwokah, Ezeemo's 36 year old running mate, as he took the stage to share reasons NdiAnambra should not sell their votes for a pittance, but rather vote for competence and proven capacity.



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