Friday, 20 October 2017

Igbos tasks to value their rich cultural heritage


Gloria  Anaeze    Onitsha 
   The recent winner of just concluded Igbo Culture Universe, The Diamond House Agency Mr. Ifeanyi Eva-Obika has called on Ndigbo not to allow their rich cultural heritage to go on extinct since culture has a vital role in ones life and tribe.
Mr. Obika who made the call while speaking to newsmen immidiately after his homage to Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Alfred Achebe at Ime Obi’s palace Onitsha during his Ofala festival, described Onitsha Monarch as epitome of Culture whose culture was recorgnized  all over the world .
According to him, everyone supposed to represent his culture since culture is very important aspect of  life and tribes, although so many people don’t value culture.
Mr. Obika who also eulogized the efforts of the state Governor Chief Willie Obiano in promoting and projecting Igbo culture cvalled the people of the state to assist the Governor to actualized his visions and aspirations for the state.
He expressed dismay that, so many tribes in Nigeria have lost their culture, history, respect and traditions, which has brought about disunity and backwardness among them in the society.
 Mr. Obika who spoke extensively  on how he was enticed  with culture called on government at all levels to assist in promoting culture and reminded Ndigbo to always remember that culture plays major impact about certain people living in a one geographical area.
He appealed to Ndigbo to strive and impact on the young generation the onions, pros and cons of Igbo rich cultural heritage  saying that when this were acknowledged it will bring more discipline, oneness and progress of Igbo nation.
He called on all ethnic groups in Nigeria to embraced their cultures since it has major ways of instilling  love, unity and respect among the people in the society.
The Chief executive officer Diamond House Agency further said if people in government will diverse means and ways to bring all ethnic groups together and map out days of showcasing their cultural heritage, it will reduce, hatred and disunity.



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