Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Bad leadership responsible for lack of basic amenities--Anambra Guber candidate

By O'star Eze

The PPA gubernatorial candidate has proven that everyone, regardless of socio-economic status, is suffering in Anambra State, as a result of the common experience of bad roads, epileptic power supply, decrepit education and healthcare system and high rate of unemployable youths, while blaming bad leadership in government for the persistence of the situation.

Speaking during a recent warm reception in Onitsha by more than 1500 Umuchu people living in Onitsha, Ezeemo said;

"If you still have to go through bad roads as you go about your daily duties, you are suffering;
"If you cannot find standard and prompt and affordable healthcare when the need arises, you are suffering;
"If you are an employer of labour and you cannot find trained young people with right attitude to work and life to work for you, you are suffering;
"If you still experience inadequate power supply and high cost of power, you are suffering."

The PPA gubernatorial candidate and the only aspirant with investments worth billions of naira Anambra State said that given all endure the enumerate conditions and more, "which is perpetuated by insensitive and selfish governance", there is a need for the people to start thinking of using their votes more responsibly; in favour of individuals with proven capacity and stake in the State. 

In his words, "It is high time we stopped selling our votes for a token and thereby mortgaging four years of our lives."

Francis Nwabueze, the chairman of Umuchu Development Union, UDU, Onitsha, in his address, told Ezeemo that Umuchu people are proud of him for how God has been using him to touch thousands of lives. 

"Your passion for Anambra State is quite inspiring and Umuchu people are praying for you and are solidly behind you," he said



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