Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Anambra 2017: UPP promises to fast-track referendum for Biafrans if elected

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The Anambra State November 18 Governorship candidate of United Progressive Party (UPP), Chief Osita Chidoka has lashed the All Progressive Congress (APC) led federal government for branding the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist group, saying that it emergency was dividing and returning the country back to her primordial lines.

Chidoka, who spoke at Amorka, Ihilala local government area at the Launch of his governorship campaign for Anambra gubernatorial election, says that his party did not believe that those who were requesting for a restructured Nigeria or even for dismemberment of Nigeria are terrorists.

“Our country is troubled; our people are afraid; our future is uncertain. We cannot build a great nation without unity at home. We cannot be a nation where people are hated, branded and then hounded and ostracized. We stand here to declare that there are no terrorists in our state; there are no terrorists in our region and we do not feel terrorized as a people.

“How can Igbos be terrorists? We have always actively participated in the Nigerian project, yet in this country, we have suffered since June 1945 British inspired ethnic violence, nineteen incidents of pogroms, wanton killings, and violence against our people living across the country.

“Even at that, we have continued to endure. We have continued, like no other group, to vote with our feet in support of a United Nigeria. We live, invest and raise families across the length and breadth of our country. We are only asking for a fairer union; a union founded on justice, equity and fairness.

“We want a union where Emeka living and schooling in Kebbi, will not be judged as an Anambra indigenes at the point of admission. The standard for Ahmed, who grew and schooled in Onitsha, should not be lowered because he is from Kebbi. We will advocate the abolishing of State of origin as a category of identification and replace with state of residence,” he maintained.

Chidoka, while promising to lead Anambra state to rebuild and re-engage Nigeria state where people would neither be repressed nor constantly misunderstood and mistrust one another, commended those agitating for a better Nigeria through one legitimate way or the other.

“We state today that we are stepping into a new frontier. The Igbo voice against marginalization and injustice will not be achieved on the streets. It will rather be won with a determined engagement of our institutions of government and with other Nigerians who feel aggrieved to redefine the meaning of Nigeria and remove the inequalities that have fanned the embers of discord, and restructure our nation along the lines of justice, equality and fairness. 

“To this end, my election as governor of Anambra State, will start off with a single agenda; an agenda to secure a new state for the southeast region to bridge the disparity we face. We will immediately, upon inauguration, in line with S. 8 (1) of the 1999 constitution get our National Assembly members from Anambra state, our elected House of Assembly members, and local government chairmen to sign a request to the National Assembly asking for a referendum for the sixth Southeast state. 

“We will vigorously engage our friends from other states in the National Assembly and other states House of Assembly for a new state. Nigeria must take a decision on the issue of additional state for the southeast before the end of life of the 8thAssembly and the 2019 election. I will pursue this agenda with all dedication and drive; once it is accomplished, I will be ready for another election. I will not allow the love of office to obstruct our greater good. This is my cardinal covenant with Ndi Anambra”.

The UPP guber hopeful further promised to marshal and spur what he termed the God-given ingenuity of Anambra people to create wealth and make the state a self sufficient territory, a model of merit, equity and justice, while connecting commerce and industry to the whole world.

“We have worked out a strategic blueprint with timelines with a four step pyramid of Knowledge, Vision, Execution and Sustainability (KNVES) to make Anambra State work for everybody. Our plan will be underpinned by the Igbo values of Uche, Uchu na Egwu Chukwu. Our plan will be anchored on a program philosophy of monitor, Measure and Improve”.



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