Sunday, 17 September 2017

War veterans vote for Biafra, support IPOB, reject zoo restructuring

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The National executive meeting of Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra (CG-IPOB) has ended in Awka, the Anambra State capital with majority of Biafran war veterans voting for Biafra separation from Nigeria against the incessant calls for restructuring the country.

The meeting which was presided over by the Administrator of CG-IPOB, Engr Anthony Aniebue had the formal Biafra officers unanimously saying that they were in support for Biafra restoration through the due process of both local and international laws.

Disclosing this to in Awka, the Director, Directorate of Information of CG-IPOB, Ndubuisi Anaenugwu, explained that most of the Biafran war Veterans present in the meeting were angry with the administrator for even putting restructuring as an option to be voted for as according to them, millions of innocent souls and their former colleagues died fighting for Biafra as a separate Nation.

Anaenugwu pointed out that Customary Government of IPOB was a De Facto Government created to organize and assemble Biafrans in a way as to meet the United Nations requirement for a new nation in the waiting, evidence that they were governable under a constituted authority.

That was even as the CG-IPOB Administrator, Engr. Aniebue Anthony has frowned at the activities of armed Nigerian soldiers operating in the Southeast zone under name Operation Python Dance II, describing it as a near anarchy that could degenerate to a second civil war.

According to Aniebue, the exercise in the ‘Biafraland’ has led the security personnel to mount road blocks all over the zone and these were the most provocative and uncalled for as secret security services could have been used to gather security intelligence instead of intimidating the civilians.

The CG-IPOB administrator, while emphasizing that South Eastern part of the country remained law abiding and peaceful even in the face of economic strangulation initiated by the APC led central Government, however, advised ‘Biafrans’ to remain calm and prayerful throughout the period to forestall anything that could lead to loss of lives.

He said that the Customary Government has abinitio put in place series of legal processes that could remove all forms of violence or resort to criminality in their quest for the restoration of peaceful Biafra, wondering why the Nigeria state refused to give that peaceful legal approach enough attention and publicity.

“Our further worry is the refusal by other sections of Nigerian society to give this legal and peaceful approach recognition. It appears to us that Nigerian society is more friendly with violence, anarchy and bloodshed.CG-IPOB has come to certain conclusion that Federal Government of Nigeria is deliberately promoting Nnamdi Kanu as the Leader of the indigenous people of Biafra in order to destroy the Biafra struggle.

“Nigeria Government knows about the ongoing legal battle between IPOB being represented by Bilie Human Rights Initiative and FGN at Federal High Court, Owerri. They know that Dr Dozie Ikedife and others are the men behind IPOB but instead would continue to give Nnamdi Kanu group media attention. This is why the masses have not gotten the real story behind Biafra self determination efforts.

“The CG-IPOB is highly disturbed that some Nigerian and Biafran leadership will deliberately allow the present situation to escalate to an explosives crescendo. The position of the Customary Government since its present inception is moderation. Nigerian society has gone through this type of experience before during the 60’s. It appears we have not learnt anything from that. It is absolutely unacceptable for anybody to be romancing with fire. Violence and anarchy are not and can never be friends to anybody,” the CG-IPOB administrator noted.

Aniebue further called on the federal government to call off the Operation Python Dance II and withdraw its military from the zone in order to reduce what he termed tension and diffuse explosive situation that may likely burst if not checked.

“Already the situation is very threatening with the quit notice served on Igbo by northern youths with tacit support from their elders. We are equally calling on international community, the UN, US, EU, AU etc to immediately put machinery in motion to address once and for all the lingering Nigeria/Biafra issue. It will be quite painful for the world decent community to allow second Nigeria- Biafra war,” he emphasised.



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