Friday, 22 September 2017

IPOB is a threat to the Southeast—Okorocha

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Imo State Governor, Rochas Anayo Okorocha has classified the Indigenous People of Biafra as a threat to Southeast geo-political zone and bad medium through which the Igbo could fight against marginalisation.

Okorocha, who spoke to some visiting journalists in Owerri, Imo State capital, described the IPOB as a primitive society, arguing that its struggle for the zone to be separated from Nigeria would prevent well-to-do Igbo people like himself from travelling, business transaction and owing of properties nationwide.

He said he would neither support IPOB nor its leader, Nnamdi Kanu accept “It change the name and fight the way Ijaw youths fought, Arewa youths fought, and they would have made more impact. Now you want to go, South-South will not go with you, Edo, Rivers will not go with you.

“If you cut us off here now as South east, if I need to go to Rivers State, I will go and ask for passport and visa, and we are keeping quiet to say this. If there is a crisis now, there is no Hausa man in Igbo land who has a duplex, there is no Yoruba man who has a room and parlour or a N20 million investment in Igbo land, but Igbo have trillions of naira virtually everywhere.

“If Igbo are asked to go, what happens? They would lose their property, and all of us are keeping quiet, supporting IPOB! It was very childish, and those behind this should stop, that is my advice. South-South has produced the president, South-West has produced a president and Vice President, the north has produced many presidents” the governor added.

He posited that the only way people of the Southeast geopolitical zone could produce a President in Nigeria was to “condemn IPOB in a manner that should be done and let us flow with the rest of Nigeria for now because we shall benefit more than anyone else. The Igbo feeling of abandonment is also the same way the northerners feel that this is an attack on their government.”

The APC governor of Imo State further blamed the Igbo complaining of non inclusion in the federal appointments, asking “What of when Igbo were Minister of Finance, Senate Presidents, SGF? What did they do for themselves? The hard truth is that Igbo play the worst politics. They play this politics because of sentiments protecting one of their own from the South-South, and now, the northerners have understood that they can become presidents with or without the Igbo.”

On why hid administration demolished Ekeukwu market, Okorocha harped that the decision was taken to save the state from insecurity and health hazards which the place previously constitute.

“You couldn’t pass Ekeukwu without having any of your property stolen on an hourly basis. Not only that, Ekeukwu produces the unhealthiest atmosphere with waste within that small enclave and it was no longer good for the city.

“In Ekeukwu, we had cases of kidnapping, if they kidnap anybody, it goes to Ekeukwu. Behind one of the houses, in the process of the demolition exercise, we discovered a house belonging to Professor Adiele’s uncle, there were six cells. Hausa community is the next place to be relocated to give the city a breath.”

The governor, while adding that it was unlawful for any market to be cited closer to government house, pointed out that he had held over 20 town hall meetings pressing the people to accept its relocation as it was too old to remain at its former site but none ever believed that any governor would have the political will to do it.



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