Sunday, 17 September 2017

Anambra guber candidate urges FG to stop Operation Python Dance(2)

By O'star Eze

Progressive People's Alliance, PPA, gubernatorial candidate in Anambra State, Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo has implored the Nigerian presidency to call off the Python Dance (2) military exercise saying it was uncalled for in the southeast as it was heightening the tension and suspicion already existent in the region.

"Civil disturbances are meant to be handled by the police, especially such that do not involve firearms.

He, in strong terms, condemned the treatment soldiers are allegedly meting out to civilians in the southeast, while also advising the IPOB members to apply caution in their activities.

Maazi Ezeemo, speaking after watching some video clips of soldiers subjecting some young people to torture and shooting them, decried what he termed "a total disregard for human life" by the soldiers.

He said that, while he is not approving of the activities of the IPOB, he condemns the kind of treatment they are getting from the Nigerian army especially given they are not armed.

"There are other more civilised ways of checking the activities of people the army believe are causing unrest in the society; they can be arrested and detained but not killing them or torturing them and making them to drink polluted water. Whatever disease they contract would spread to the rest of the people, " he said.

"Humans are humans regardless of who they are; someone gave birth to them and is looking up to them as their social security; to look after them in their old age," he said.

Complaining about the lack of social justice across the country, Ezeemo said;

"It is quite appalling that our leadership is faulty; it is irresponsible and nobody enforces social justice leading to people's rights being abused everyday. Greed and impatience has corrupted the people and the system is rotten and her people suffering," he said

He however advised Nnamdi Kanu and his loyalists to be more civil and cautious in their choice of words; to be less inciting and more persuasive.



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