Sunday, 17 September 2017

Anambra 2017: online thugs advised to stop tarnishing people image

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu
Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD) has expressed dismay over the trending campaign of calumny targeted against its Chairman, Board of Directors, Chief Sylvester Nwaobu-Alor. learnt that some social media users believed to be agents of contenders to Anambra 2017 gubernatorial poll have been spreading rumour that Nwaobu-Alor and the State former governor, Mr Peter Obi allegedly took the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate, Oseloka Obaze to swear an oath at Agulu- Lake.
APLSCD, while describing the allegation as unfounded and image smearing propaganda, enthused that Nwobu-Alor as a senior citizen, astute legislator in the old eastern region and elder statesman has never in the history of his life meddled into people political affairs.
The association, which spoke through its National Coordinator, Aisha Eward, urged the internet thugs to channel their propaganda elsewhere as it would not hesitate from charging anyone caught disseminating the libelous material to court to provide them with video clips or photo shots of the claims or face the wrath of law.
Edward was emphatic that Nwaobu-Alor in his characteristic ways of life assisted sicklers to tackle issues of quack doctors contributing to spread of sickle cell anaemia and sudden death of sufferers through unethical practices, as well as providing for their financial and other needs.
She wondered why people aged 18 to 40 years take glory on character assassination of leaders instead of investing their time in education and other useful ventures.
 “Nwaobu-Alor belongs to the ruling political party in Anambra State. He is supportive of every person; politicians and non-politicians. If you get to his office you will see how people from different walks of life and profession cluster round him in seek of one help or the other because he sees everybody as a son or daughter.
“Even the Obaze they are smearing his image is a very good and honest man who has consistently provided and shown both personal and practical Concern as well as Support to us. Also, the Peter Obi they mentioned his name in the ill tended report was evidently out of the state then. I wonder where and when such oath taking arrangement took place. The rumour mongers must be Chief Priests or Spirit to have found out about it. Therefore, they should provide us with video clips or photo shots of the event.

“I think that this is a direct Provocation and must stop else we Sue anyone found in possession of the materials to court. They should meet with them if they want favour from them rather than tarnishing their image. I wonder why people are scared of coming of Obaze as a governorship candidate. They should campaign against him with issue based campaign and not character assassination”



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