Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Anambra 2017: APC orders APGA, Gov. Obiano to shut up

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The statement credited to a group that styles itself ‘APGA Media
Warriors’ as published in some sections of the print and social media
at the weekend, deals with everything on earth ,except what it set out
to address- proscription of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and
the enabling powers.

For the avoidance of doubt, the position expressed by APC in Anambra
State is that Gov. Obiano and others who joined him in Enugu Meeting
not explained what law or what instrument empowers them to proscribe
an organization, let alone an unregistered one.

The statement ,surprisingly signed by the Political Adviser to Gov.
Willie Obiano, Mr. Chinedu Obidigwe, on behalf of APGA Media Warriors,
did not answer the did not answer this vital question which remains
open or anyone who may have the answers.

We are aware that the APGA-controlled Government o Anambra State
headed by Gov Willie Obiano feeds on lies and illegality that way
teenagers feed on bread and butter. Therefore, we were not expecting
the outgoing governor to advise the Enugu meeting well along the side
o legality and legitimacy.

How could he, when he told Nigeria that his state earned $5m from
export of vegetables and it neither reelected in the budget o the
state produced by the same government , nor could that be confirmed by
the statutory bodies involved with export.

How could Gov Obiano sit in a meeting that would be well-advised when
he claimed that Anambra State, UNDER HIS WATCH has netted $4bn in
direct industrial investment from abroad, and while a bewildered
Anambra was struggling to understand the joke the Nigerian Bureau o
Statistics classified Anambra among states that have not received
foreign investment in the last four years.

Why would Gov. Obiano remember to advise his colleague governors,
despite the prime place o Anambra in the South East, when his
government disobeyed the Supreme Court by refusing to conduct repeat
elections in Ihiala Local Government and an Appeal Court judgment to
do so in Ogbaru local government o the state?

How can Obiano advise anyone when he failed to conduct election into
the 21 local governments in Anambra State, based on the orders o the
Anambra State Court, presided over BY THE Chie Justice o the State on
May 18, covering 90 days.

We are not expecting much of these from Obiano, who is so afraid o the
people’s disappointment, as the feelers before him suggest, that he
has refused to campaign in person that he has been sending his wife,
who earns N250m from Anambra treasury as ‘security vote’ to do the

As a state, we are already putting on the Patience Garment, marking
our calendars, believing that every bad era has an end.

But we also did not expect that those who do not have answers to
Germaine question bothering every Anambra citizen and every resident o
the South East should pollute the discussion by diverting to attack
the visionary and vigour-filled replacement to Obiano, Hon Dr. Tony

We hasten to remind those who wish to address Anambra in the 2017
campaign to engage issues as the usual latch into primordial
sentiments and diversions is now valued like expired drugs as Anambra
State people have moved on despite failure of governance in the past
four years.

Those who wish to answer the question of where Gov Obiano and his
co-travelers derived the powers to proscribe IPOB, or any organization
at all without judicial process should step forward, while those who
do not should exercise their right of silence.

APGA governance is a disgusting disappointment in the area o allowing
Anambra State to show leadership in the South East, among others.

Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary



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