Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The other side of a regiment soldier and prince Engr. Arthur Eze compliments


By. Aisha Edwards

When an average Citizen encounter a Soldier or better still a Military officer, the first impression he Gets is that of Brutality, an Unkind Hearted human and a Regimented lifestyle, This most thinks is not unconnected with their training to Protect the Territorial Integrity of the Country, which makes them stay Awake while we sleep in our Cozy Beds, they live on inhabitable places to face the perceived Enemy and even Embolden them to withstand Bangs from the Enemy Fire when ordinarily we Tremble at the Slightest of Harmless Sounds. But on the flip side, this soldiers you see Have a Heart of milk and Honey Unknown to others Perhaps Because they know how fragile life is, it was on this note of Love that the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 82 Division of the Nigerian Army Enugu, Major General AB Abubakar did a water plants project for the Soldiers, Officers and Civilian Corp Members within the Barracks, when Politicians whose core Responsibility is to provide such basic Amenities for their Constituencies are Busy Embezzling such money to their private pockets and playing politics of Governance only seen in the Media and never felt by the People or Politics of Sharing bag of Rice, Salt, Okada, Grinding Machine, wrapper, Sowing Machines to their Party Members who Sing their praises to the Third Heaven. 
The Water Plants Project Was witnessed and Commissioned Recently by Engineer Prince. Arthur Eze a World Acclaimed Philanthropist and A Patron whom APLSCD Wants to Appreciate for always identifying with the Grassroots and Humanity whom many of his Calibre Shy away from except there is a Special Interest at Play. The unseen humane nature of the Nigerian Army did not stop with the water project as Contrary to Its Normal Tradition of Glamorous Parade, it took many by Surprise when they Celebrated this year's Nigeria Army Day which Started on July 6th with the Clearing of Dirt's and Refuse Dumps on Major Roads, distilling of Drainages, Canals and Blocked water Channels especially this Rainy Season when flooding has Become a Major Life threatening issue, 
The Environmental Exercise did not just take place in Enugu and Anambra but Nationwide, whereas there are Government paid state agencies in most state who could not keep The Environment Clean as done by the Nigerian Army. The unparalleled love Beneath the heart of every soldier reared its head out once Again when this year's World Sickle Cell Day was celebrated where the Gentleman Officer Major General AB Abubakar together with his men Associated with those living with sickle cell Disorder in the most Dignifying Manner by celebrating with them and Creating Awareness on the Genetic disorder, of which APLSCD is unquantifiable Grateful for not Forgetting the fact that Those living with Sickle Cell Disorder have always received Free Medical Care in all Clinics and Hospital Operated by the Nigerian Army which are always well Equipped and Stuffed with Original drugs.
 The female Officers and Soldiers were not left out of the Celebration, This Respectable women in the Men's world Showed exceptional but peculiar love Synonymous with Women but Emboldened by them, where most women Organisation Even in some Churches could not even Discuss Sickle Cell Disorder Using their August meeting platform but Play money Politics at the expense of their Children Future. Meanwhile here are women whose job Demand a whole lot of Time and Energy, Yet the milk of Human kindness in them has never ran short as they Cooked, Entertained and properly identified with Those living with Sickle Cell Disorder of which APLSCD is Grateful for especially the 82 Division Matron Lt. Col.Ikpeazu. It's no longer in Dispute or doubt that Our Military Continues to produce the Best brains academically courtesy of Our Command Schools, Navy Schools and Air Force Schools which evidently Our Civilian Parents pay whatever it will take to have their Children Get the Best Moral Values and Discipline in the Schools as well as their career as professionals during Recruitment or Enlistment, One Cannot but Envy the Wonder World of the Corrupt Free Military where Professional Service Display Speak volume of their Personalities. Understanding the Very Secret of their Success which is Strictly Obedience, Respect, Loyalty and Strict adherence to the Noble Vision of Any Serving Chief of Army Staff. But the Big Question on many minds remain, When are we possibly going to replicate this in Our Citizens in Various Constituency Emulating from our Constituted Authority in Government? This Commendable Patriotic Footprint from Our Soldiers Suggest that when next you see a Soldier,Behave Yourself, look beyond the perceived notion and see what lies Beneath, and i must recommend that you Give a warm handshake to them. Our Pride of the Nation Simply Remains the Best Among Equals.



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