Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Enconmium to great philosopher of our time

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Sempe Fidelia a Slogan that reflects quality bred gentlemen with high repute and Intelligence among the alumni once again came to fore with heart felt joy as the Gentle, Pragmatic Educationist becomes an advocate for the Grossly Neglected. As rightly put, The reward For a good work is more work, but in this Case Scenario No work was Given on Contractual Bases or Money Reward but work based on Determination, Selflessness and love. All these rare qualities only attributes to very Few individuals who Put God and humanity First before Self are The underlying qualities of Reverend Father Dr. Nnamdi Nwankwo an Outstanding priest of his own calibre in the Catholic Diocese of Enugu. Reverend Father Nnamdi Nwankwo who is a seasoned educationist not by Parading Intimidating Credentials or Qualifications to feed his ego but in all practical terms, by being a humble teacher to the young Ones both Conventionally in Schools and unconventionally in any place the duty to Impact knowledge calls, its humbling to know he was a formal Principal of College of Immaculate Conception Enugu for 12 (twelve) years. He is a great motivator of the Young ones and Youths, Excellently philosophical in his reasoning and approach to issues. The towering Father Nwankwo who is well built in shape and a Six footer, has a large heart and an Accommodating individual who Believes in the teaching of Cultural Norms and Values to promote a Just and Fair Society. Fr. Nwankwo no doubt is best described as a Skilled Dancer and a Drummer Par Excellence, which Sees him actively Participate in the Udi Cultural Festival (IGWA NSHI) ,This Surely Depicts an Embodiment of Total Package and an epitome of Cultural Balance in a "Modern Religious" Society. His large heart has also endeared him to be at the fore front of Most Conflict Resolution Cases in Enugu State Environs and always reaching out to the Poor with his Humble Philanthropic Gestures, Reverend Father Nwankwo is now the Parish Priest of St.Patrick's D Pottery Iva valley Enugu. All these Versatilities and Shining Qualities cloaked in a humble Personality that informed The Decision of Association of Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disorder APLSCD to Desire, Adore and Present Reverend Father Nnamdi Nwankwo as our Ambassador and an advocate in the fight to Reduce and Eradicate the Increasing Case of Sickle Cell Anemia in our Society Particularly in Enugu State which the Gentle Man Clergy believes is due to ignorance on The part of many. This he wishes to use his good personality and position in further Spreading the message to the Young ones to know their Genotype and Intending couples testing to know their Compatibility Genetically. As the rising Movement for the Passage of Sickle Cell Law Continue to Dominate the Advocacy Campaign, The APLSCD also Want to Use the Medium to Congratulate and Thank Rev.Fr. Nnamdi Nwankwo who Doubles as the Vicar for the Priests Enugu Diocese, for Being a Friend not just in words to us but in actions not Minding the Demands of his Office and calling in being a Partner with Passion in the battle to end the Monster of Sickle Cell Scourge in our Society While Making Serious Effort to Ensure That Sickle Cell Law is Finally Achieved in Enugu State. AISHA EDWARD NATIONAL COORDINATOR APLSCD



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