Sunday, 6 August 2017

Anambra Sunday massacre: Mbaise, Nnobi, Ozobulu people indicted

Below are stories lifted from wassatp groups. They are telling different stories of the Ozubulu massacre, indicting people and communities and institutions in the debacle. Read on...
"It's a shame my town has been put on the world map for the wrong reasons. We pray for the souls of the ones lost due to this terrible tragedy. It happened in my mother's village and it has been brewing for more than 3 years. More than 30 to 40 Ozubulu people who live in South Africa have been killed before this incident , the killings before was in SA. One of the principal actors (Bishop )Aloysius Ikegwuonu spends 80 percent of his time in Naija now, I guess they decided to bring the war home to Nigeria. The church the assasination took place was named by my grandfather Chief Philip Ajaegbo. It is called St Philips Church, the young man they came to kill built the church . It's a black Sunday in Ozubulu, it's a black Sunday in Anambra, it's a black Sunday for every Christian all over the world. For innocent souls to be slaughtered like goats is reprehensible. Some of us spoke out on the the dangerous dimension the crisis was taking, but we were ignored. The traditional and the religious institutions share a fair amount of blame in this unfortunate incident, including the Bishop of Nnewi. They all refused to ask the hard questions, some of you that came for my grandmother's burial last year November, might remember the church in question.
Sad, Shame.
Tears in my eyes . Most of the dead are people i know."
Ugochukwu Anigbogu
Agbalanze Odogwu Akunnia na Ozubulu

Ozubulu Shooting: What Does Gov Obiano Know About It?
In as much as we are in a very painful mood over the dastardly and senseless terror attack at the St Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu this day, it is pertinent we ask question.
We need to know who did what and how. We need to know the remote and immediate cause of that massacre.
Pending the full investigation by authorities concerned, gov Obiano should help the police in finding the perpetrators of the attack.
Gentlemen, it is on record that the governor of Anambra State, Chief Obiano who visited the scene of the attack told the public, that the attack resulted from a problem between two brothers?
And I ask?
Can Obiano tell us the two brothers that caused the death of over 50 worshippers at St Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu?
Obiano should handover the two brothers to the security agencies so they can provide the gun men.
When did Obiano know about this crisis between the two brother? Was it before the attack or after the attack?
If it was before the attack, what did he do to avert this danger as the Chief Security Officer of state?
I am of the opinion that gov Obiano should help the police to make their job easy.

Please my people be aware that the Ozubulu church killings that happened today, sunday 6/8/17 has NOTHING to do with herdsmen, IPOB , nor his Excellency's (Chief Willie Obiano) giant / successful strides in the state security.
It is purely a business tussle between 2 south african guys , one of them know as Bishop. This quarrel has been going on for almost a year now, of which the Igwe of the town Ozubulu had about 8-9 months ago mediated for the parties which obviously didnt work from the happening events.
Before today, about 5 people had been killed on this matter in south Africa and their corpes brought back home.
Bishop built the church for his people in Ozubulu in which today's massacre happened. So those gunmen where the mafians that came in retaliation and to send a big message to Bishop in South Africa. Amoung those killed today is Bishop's father.
But one my sad question remains "why use the lives of innocent people to send the message?"
May the almighty continues to guide ,protect Us and our loved ones from evil.
I pray for quick/speedy recovery to the wounded in the hospital and
May the souls of the dead rest in perfect peace.
Please it's a drug war declared by Mbaise people in Dec.2015 for the assassination of there town's man who was working for Bishop in South Africa. Just allow the Police in Ozubulu, we are waiting to hear from them. If they act funny in admitting that it is all about drug then Ozubulu people will talk



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