Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Anambra election boycott: Kanu urges to have a rethink

Venerable Nwachukwuma (in white; extreme right, leading the AMF cooperate prayer session for Ezeemo (kneeling)

By O'star Eze

Members of Anglican Men's Fellowship, Nnewi Diocese have advised Nnamdi Kanu to call off the independent National Electoral Commission scheduled November 18 election boycott. 

Speaking at the climax of their prayerful 2019 13th Annual All Christian Men's Convention, Tagged "Peace, Be Still",  which held at St Peter's Anglican Church, Okija, Sir Felix Okechukwu, Diocesan President, Anglican Men's Fellowship, warned that boycotting the election and deterring others from voting would definitely attract the presence of the military and an administrator imposed on the people.

They however asked the people to vote wisely and ensure they vote in the best man for the job and not the highest bidder.

"The politics of money should be eschewed and godly men who have antecedents allowed to govern if we want to break this jinx of suffering in the midst of plenty," the president said.

On that note, Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo, who was a special guest at the event said that the young people do not have any reference point or model.

In his words, " All our children have to learn from is how to cheat, defraud and be selfish. 

"Though the whites have harsh weather conditions, they are able to put their place in order. 

Ezeemo, who was the first candidate to emerge in the present Anambra gubernatorial election said that because people of the western world have put their place in order, they can afford to go on vacation.

"Our people with a more favourable weather, we have allowed meism instead of wehood to truncate our development. 

"Truth must be told here. This is the bane of our problem as a people. Why the youths say that they want Biafra is because we lack good leadership. Let's return the Bible to the primary schools. 

Ezeemo declared the need for restoring the dignity of labour. "Aka Ajaja n'ewete onu mmanu mmanu," He said. 

"My passion is borne out of my burden for the black people. 

"My program for Anambra State is straightforward. Our children need to be groomed from the foundation with history and civic education. 

"They need to be given a favourable environment where all the basics of life are consistently available; power, water, quality road, health, education, security, fresh food, internet access and you see them revolutionalising their world," Ezeemo said.

He then offered himself to give practical solutions to all that prevented Anambra State from enjoying this state of being before now. 

Venerable Dr. Fred Nwachukwuma, while condemning the viscous cycle of bad leadership our society have been inflicted with, confirmed that Ezeemo indeed has what it takes to change Anambra State given all that he has been able to achieve in his hometown, Umuchu Alanso; quality road, ultramodern computer training centre, gas station, 24 hour ATM machine, hotspot, 5 star hotel, recycling plant; vegetable and animal farms with good access roads, feedmill plant, printing press, communications outfit, to mention but a few.

The ceremony climaxed with the anointing of Ezeemo as God's chosen governor and cooperate prayer session by the Anglican Men of the diocese present.



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