Monday, 31 July 2017

Willie Winning Ways (WWW)

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By Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma

With all modesty, I will unequivocally continue to hamper emphatically on the need for all people of good mind to reflect on Governor Willie Obiano's profound leadership qualities, unrivalled outstanding performance , monumental achievements and terrific first term accomplishments before  approaching the ballot box on the 18th November,2017.

It is no longer news that the ragtag armies of opposition parties in Anambra are having a jolly flight in Anambra Cyber space offensively  armed with smear campaigns in a renewed effort to whittle down the massive political capital His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano has garnered in such a short time in office as the Executive Governor of Anambra State.

Blank brains had earlier posited that to oust the incumbent from the seat of power wouldn't pose a Herculean  task, bragging that any smart lier will pull up the carpet under Gov Obiano   with little or no effort. Little wonder, they bizarrely embarked on sporadic shunning out of negative propaganda against the APGA led government, but this evilness has blown up on thier deceitful faces. Next in the news remains a public dance of shame at Guber polls. Weep not for them!

Not deterred, the desperate renegades seemingly frustrated are basking in the euphoria of free media to relishing false accusations against the government of the day craftily targeted at provoking disaffection amongst the discernible masses of Anambra, and hoping to instigate verbal violence and deafening sound of cymbals from the media team of the action governor.

Even with the myriads of disjointed jibes from opposition's ragtag armies on social media one could not but diffuse the explosives cloaked and ridden with religious sentiments copiously wringged and muffled to pent up negative image  over a common seal of nativity sighted at the governor's country home. So petty!

The harder they try to politicize and anglicise the symbol of nativity the more confused they become. In thier craziest folly,they have succeeded in denigrating the sacredness of the cradle of Igbo culture and tradition. ThIs is hugely sacriligious, but who would atone for the sin against the chosen people of God, pacify and calm frailed nerves? Only the natives reserve the right to caution and pennitentially prescribe the dosage of penance according to the dictates of tradition. Silence on this  abominable act suggest forgiveness..obviously  divine!

Quite foolishly the opposition's ragtag armies have bluntly declined to  connect, assimilate and define the existences of Igbo nativity signs and symbols ensconced in our civilization as  confidently expressed by the highly revered Chief of an ancient town Aguleri. The oppositions's ragtag armies have continued to wallow in total ignorance of this cultural inheritance, the enviable natural endowment of a godly people. Must we trash Igbo history in stupidity?

 But, tides have changed as opinion moulders and grassrooters in the state having scored and rated high Gov Obiano's sterling performance and have unanimously passed vote of confidence on his astute Leadership skills, and declared him fit and clean to thread with no caution on his ways, style and fashion. Who can stop the chosen one?

His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano will continue to serve the good people  of Anambra, leading with high self esteem and providing quality governance in every sector. He is unperturbed,  unmoved, dogged, rougged and determined to effecting the change we can see, feel, and touch. That is the hallmark of democratic leadership as exemplified in Willie Winning Ways.

He will lead us again!


Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma
Executive Director
Independent Media Support Organization  (IMSO)

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