Wednesday, 12 July 2017


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By O'star Eze

Can you remember when Peter Obi wanted to vie for governorship? Nobody knew him. He had never held any political position. He was a virgin as far as Anambra State politics was concerned. 
But for the first time,  the Anambra electorate listened. They listened to his message of liberation from the curse of "suffering in the midst of plenty."
Obi's message was simple,  "Are we cursed or are we the cause?"
And Ndi Anambra listened. They listened from their heart. They could feel his sincerity. And they followed their heart. 
They took a chance on Peter Obi, and voted from their heart. 
And was Anambra State disappointed? 
On the contrary,  Anambra State came on the map. It became the Light of the Nation in word and in deed. 
Her resources were judiciously managed and astutely invested. 
The state left the debtors list and by the time Peter Obi was leaving office, the state had bought bonds from up to 5 other states. 
It is another electoral year. The political atmosphere in Anambra State is saturated with several voices clamouring for the people's vote.
Amidst all these, a political virgin is here again.
Peter Obi heard the voice of God but did not interpret it aright. 
GODWIN CHUKWUNAENYE EZEEMO was supposed to be his successor, but he chose Obiano and offered EZEEMO deputy which was rejected. 
Ezeemo knew the vision God gave him. It was clear that the anointing was him. But God is no man. He allowed this to happen. 
He allowed Saul to take the throne that David may complete his training in the wilderness. 
The time is nigh. David is ready. 
O people of God
O Anambra people
Behold the chosen David of our time. 
Last of 7 children,  Ezeemo's story is like that of King David of the Bible. 

What is his message; ANAMBRA CAN BE BETTER
He will prioritise the priority needs of majority of NdiAnambra
Free education from Primary 1- JS 3
State owned power generating plants
Standard access roads in every nook and cranny
A standard Stadium per local government in the 21 local governments
EZEEMO has character
EZEEMO has a strong will power
It is said that whoever has strong will power, God helps him
Let us listen to our hearts as we did during Peter Obi's time
Let us vote from our heart like we did with Peter Obi.



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