Monday, 10 July 2017

Osun West poll, lesson to Anambra APC—Mounagor

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

An All Progressives Congress (APC) caucus member in Anambra State, Hon. Tony Oneweek Muonagor has tasked his party on free, fair and credible primary, saying it was only way APC could win the fast approaching Anambra November 18 gubernatorial poll.

According to the former Minority Leader of Anambra State House of Assembly, APC needed a candidate that is people friendly, humble and easily accessible to the poor, rich, women and youth, to be able to defeat other political heavyweights and political parties contesting for the same poll considering its meager followership in the state and hunger people believed to have been induced by the party at the National level.

Mounagor, who was reacting to the result of Osun West Senatorial by-election won by Mr Ademola Adeleke of People's Democratic party (PDP) and younger brother of the late APC Senator Isiaka Adeleke assassinated some months back.

Orient Daily recalled that Ademola Adeleke, who was an APC member, joined the PDP less than one month ago, probably after picking holes in the APC planned primary.

He won nine out of ten local governments area that constitute Osun West, as well as pulled 31,165 votes over his closest rival and APC candidate, Mudashiru Hussein that managed to win his Ejigbo LGA.

To Mounagor, the outcome of Osun poll, a state currently led by APC members as governor, commissioners, National and State Assembly members, federal ministers and other appointees, was an indication that its Anambra State chapter could spring surprises once it file in a full blooded, agile, intelligent man and a capable hand to finance both his electioneering campaign and others.

He said, “What is APC rating in Anambra as at today? Do people like us enough to vote for us in a free and fair election? Please ask yourself the question and answer yourself the question sincerely. The sentiments triggered by the National APC's perceived stance (rightly or wrongly) in the primary that led to the exit of the  Late Isiaka's brother clearly shows us that the masses tend to identify with the oppressed, cheated or downtrodden. I hear that most APC members even voted for PDP just to drive home their point. It's called sympathy vote.

“If APC can lose yesterday's election in Yoruba land, couldn't rig, couldn't muster enough votes to win? My brother, plenty wahala dey. This simply means the Anambra APC has too much work to do. Yes. Do you think it will be easy to convince the masses of Anambra state to vote for APC n'ugania (in this period of hunger)? Eziokwu na agba agba na nti (Truth hits harder on ears). People are blaming APC for the hard times. I pity our candidate as he may have to kneel down and beg where necessary. It won't be easy.” 



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