Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Omenala Igbo wins Igbo movie competitions

...as aspirant inspires Igbo pride
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By O'star Eze

An Igbo language based movie titled Omenala Igbo has taken the first position in the 2017 edition of the Igbo Movie Festival organised by Out Subakwa Igbo, a pressure group promoting Igbo language.

Explaining why the movie took first, one of the members of the screening committee, Ihetu Kelly Chidiebere, a Silverbird TV staff, said that the movie portrayed various Igbo cultural values and was solely in Igbo language.

Earlier, the sponsor of the event, Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo, said that he was inspired to start sponsoring the event when he realised that though Igbos are at the forefront of the Nigerian movie industry, Igbo exclusive movies are lacking and this poses one of the reasons Igbo language is going extinct.

He bemoaned the utter negligence of the Igbo language by Igbo people which is contrary to the pride other cultural groups hold their language.

"If we lose our language, we have lost our identity," Ezeemo said.

The chairman of the pressure group, Professor Pita Ejiofor, appreciated Ezeemo for sponsoring the event and all who partook in the competition.

He encouraged Igbo producers to take Igbo movies serious saying that audio visuals has been proven a viable way of sustaining language.

The catholic priest, Fr. Marcellinus Ikechukwu Nwolisa, whose movie, Akwaugo, came third position told Orient Daily that making Igbo movies is his way of sustaining the language which he reiterated is on the brink of going extinct.

Raffia and Palmwine were served and Igbo delicacies too. All the attendee were in their Igbo attire and spoke the Igbo language during the event.



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