Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nnamdi Kanu cannot get us Biafra--IPOB

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has disassociated itself from Nnamdi Kanu’s continuous calls for boycott of Anambra November 18 gubernatorial poll, urging the general public to disregard him as he lacks locus standi to speak for the Biafrans.

IPOB also argued that Kanu cannot give them Biafra with the rate he is canvassing for it, adding that Biafrans would be liberated through religion, due process and observance of rules of law.

According to Rev. Ugwu Leon, the Liaison officer of Customary Government of IPOB and Spiritual Director, First IPOB Association of Cultural, Christians and Christian Churches (FIPOBACCCC), non-denominational/inter-faith organisation,
Kanu has no power to speak for IPOB because he recently joined the group after dumping MASSOB.

“Biafra republic can only be achieved through the words of God. The battle is between satanic money, religious godfathers and the masses/IPOB nations with all variable/republican nature of Biafrans ideologies. This is time we close ranks because it is God’s project and ideology. All human rights are God given; meaning that all pro-Biafra groups should legitimately and lawfully go agitating for their rights to self-determination through the UNDRIP September 2007 Acts. For our God, Christ and Holy Ghost aren’t authors of confusion but satan for sure in wilderness now about fifty years (1967-2017 golden jubilee of Biafra).

“It is a matter of spirituality not a street talk. Like Christ did conquered the world through preaching the gospel. That is how we shall beget Biafra through the words of God. When Christ came he did not discriminate any religion that has existed before his time. Therefore we are not discriminating any religion. We are also not against Kanu. We shall always abide by the objective of IPOB which gave power of attorney to BILIE human right initiative, a registered human right group that fight for Biafrans in Nigeria and in Diaspora. We are working with caution and due process. It is only God and rule of law that can give us Biafra not Kanu,” he added.

He further disclosed that his group, FBOBACCCC is a Christian religious arm of IPOB; “We have come to inaugurate a branch in Anambra State to help in spreading the gospel in churches like our other religious arms would do. Those inaugurated would step-down voters’ education and also mobilise people to massively participate in the forthcoming Anambra State governorship and Enugu state local government elections.

“Biafrans are not lawless people. Anambra State gubernatorial election must hold. Enugu state local government election must hold. I must add that nobody can stop elections in Biafra land. We have every right to vote and be voted for. The issues of Biafra cannot stop the election. Even though we are not against kanu and the way he is going to about his agitation. We are totally against his pronouncement because one man cannot speak for Biafrans.

On the quit notice threats AREWA youth issued to Southeasterners to vacate northern part of the country, Ugwu urged Igbo people resident in the north not to panic as his group has written to the law enforcement agents to help protect them from any form of harassment arising from the call.

“The indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as citizens of Nigeria among other citizens must be under proper supervision and guidance by the use of acceptable universal practice in accordance statement from customary/private, local, state and under Nigeria constitution and rules of International law which Nigeria is signatory to.

“To avoid anarchy, lawlessness and bloodshed of Igbo-Biafra from pro-Biafra groups within the ampit of constitution of Nigeria for self-determination rights and not the secession of Biafra or break up from among other citizens of Nigeria. We have therefore applied to join the security forces in protecting our people as we remain in this forced marriage called Nigeria. Security, vigilance or business and others must be all encompassing for our good benefits” he added.



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