Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How APGA sowed seed of bad governance in Anambra

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By Polycarp Onwubiko

I detest a situation where mention is made about APGA Governor from March 2006 because it marked the beginning of deterioration of Rural Development in Anambra state. The introductory statement is grossly flawed because it is insulting to compare the erstwhile Governor with a godly man-Godwin Ezeemo who by all standard is eminently qualifies to be the next Governor of a state that was brazenly raped in the guise of "monumental development?. Its lamentable the over 80% of Ndi Anambra are woefully ignorant about development. In emerging economies, the thrust of development is in the communities: its called "Rural Development". Nigerian brand of Federalism crafted by the hegemonic caliphate made local government a tier of government and created surplus local government councils in the north but few in the south. However, statutory allocations were made to local government councils and the essence is to use it along with IGR to raise the standard of living in the communities by building and tarring existing inter and intra communities roads, potable water supply, healthcare delivery, maintenance of nursery and primary schools, and items in 4th Schedule in the Constitution. What did APGA government since 2006 till today do? Local government IGR and monthly statutory allocations were shamelessly hijacked and made ducks and drakes with. Consequently local government in Anambra was killed as the revenues which should have been used to develop the 178 communities found their way into state government elected functionaries and nobody is asking questions. The so-called Honourable members of the House of Assembly keep sealed lips as they angle for the crumbs that fall from the master's table. All the roads in the 178 communities in Anambra state are impassable; you don't talk about other basic amenities and facilities that should be taken for granted as seen in Enugu and Ebonyi states where the Governors regularly conduct local government elections and have NEVER tampered with local government revenues as it is an impeachable offence. APGA leadership in Anambra state has POWER to shut up EFCC. Ezeemo has outrightly condemned hijacking of local government revenues and he remains the only Governorship aspirant that will have the morality and willpower to conduct local government election and allow the elected people to embark on Rural Development to transform the communities and semi urban towns to make life meaningful to people. For example if Awka south local government council were being given their monthly statutory allocations all the streets and connecting roads would have been tarred. Sadly Awka remains a glorified village courtesy of the goons in APGA government.

Governorship aspirant Godwin Ezeemo should bestir himself self as he has a gargantuan challenge on assuming office come March 2018. APGA government has destroyed professionalism in the electronic media. Top flight journalists have been reduced to chanting balderdash every day in news and commentaries. Since 2006 Anambra people have been denied news of other political parties and news makers and cerebral commentators on national issues who abhor praise singing of APGA faithfuls. Nobody could challenge the brazen abuse in court even as the so-called national agency that control abuse of radio stations in the states are compromised to look away. This is a radio station being funded by tax payers and they are denied good service across the segment of the society. Of course the workers are not to be blamed but the conscienceless elected officials who wallow in primitive style of governance.

Onwubiko is a public affairs analyst, columnist and author of many books 



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