Monday, 10 July 2017

Ezeemo, a best guber hopeful for Anambra 2017

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By Polycarp Onwubiko

Now is the God's time for Anambra to get it's act together. Other governors except Dr. Chris Ngige were not versed in abstruse knowledge of public administration. Latin apothegm has it that one can never give what he doesn't have. Sadly only very few people know what Rural Development is all about. Since 2006 APGA government in Anambra state stopped the march on rural development by shamelessly hijacking local government councils statutory allocations and seized viable sources o internally generated revenues (IGR). The Nigerian Constitution clearly stipulated that local government councils as 3th Tier of government is specifically meant for the development of rural communities. Hence the monthly statutory allocations and IGR.

It's a matter of common sense to conclude that no amount of "monumental achievements of Peter Obi and Willie Obiano" in the 178 communities in Anambra state that can be compared with a normal situation ( like Enugu and Ebonyi states where past and present governors were not greedy and never tampered with local government funds) where local government councils use their statutory sources of revenues to develop basic infrastructural facilities and amenities in the 178 communities. The so-called N20 million community chose your projects CANNOT compensate for the hijacking of local government revenues; this remains a secret people should know. Time of mass ignorance has gone; its plain stupidity to believe that you can bamboozle everybody by inane propaganda.

Godwin Ezeemo is the only governorship hopeful Anambra could hold on to. The taste of the pudding is in the eating as English word says. He is an idea wealthy sombody who has relocated his massive wealth from overseas to the state and afforded army of unemployed and under-employed people to be earning a living. Other money bags are waiting to do their usual manipulation of security agencies of the federal government to win elections as usual since security in  the"Zoo" called Nigeria is manipulated by the unrepentant hegemonic cabal.

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