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Anambra 2017 Guber and Evil Empire of the last new dawn!

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By Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma

Whatever we are getting from social media is not glamour. Social media is at best a terrible temptation, because you can get away with murder on it, by considering your campaign into slogans. But social media need not be quite as lazy or ignorant in doing it.

Politicians themselves are critical of the way in which they feel the political agenda has shifted out of their control into the hands of the social media manipulators and spin doctors.

It is that time again in Anambra state when political beauty contests are of a little consequence. Time when political partnerships in the state attracts paid consultants, strategists, and idealistic young volunteers, not to mention scores of expense-account journalists, bloggers and thousands of tourists.

This new dawn should not be confused with the last new dawn, when stomach infrastructure politicians exchange political coins with adventurous social media influencers and got wet in the rain. Men of the old order are parading themselves as internet bangers and the opposition have their ears, doling pittance as gratitude almost always.

 The competition amongst men of the last new dawn recognises no age brackets, no educational status, no professional ethics, no framework, no ideas, no creativity, no brain-diagnosis, no psychiatric evaluation, no previous case of bushmanism.  As long as you can utilise a smart phone to liquidate the fluidity of stupidity in your central nervous unit, you are in the oppositions payroll.

The new dawn as it were can be best described as "Obianoism" the forward movement of God's own people, the exodus to a defined place of prosperity. It is flowing like a river, the blessings of Obianoistic landmarks of achievement in quite a brief moment on the saddle. That is the forward movement as being observed currently in Anambra, the new dawn abhors retrogression, abhors political harlotry, shuns negative campaigns and advertisings, discourages anti masses style of  politics,  promotes welfarism, and celebrates astute cum visionary leadership.

Unable to fit into the configuration of Obianoistic new dawn modules, the ego centric politicians who  members of the opposition are abysmally disgruntled and have devised the sleaze factor to drive home fallacious depositions and influence the public with dorty-dorty innuendoes against the peoples Governor Willie Obiano. The popular wailers from the last new dawn are presently engaged in the ultimate search for damaging information about Governor Willie Obiano's personal life, or business, or private political activities.

They are digging for dirts, the agents of muckraking, and mudslinging are observing vigil on social media and other mediums of mass communication garbed with uncouth epistles randomly tagged "Pull Obiano Down" (POD). They are desperately hibernating, and dangerously pollinating in every nooks and crannies of Anambra Cyber community, mischievously drenched in deep animosity and hatred for the incumbent. Routinely, they doctor narratives, and disseminate evil messages from the evil empire. They are guilty of conducting a smear campaign of vilification against the hardworking Governor Willie Obiano.

It is absolutely clear that these men from the last new dawn are overwhelmed by the huge success a youngman  Mr Stanley Uzochukwu has garnered, and his audacity of believe in the government of the day.  STANEL Mega Petrol, Gas,  and Automobile Care Center  is one out of the numerous investments Chief Obiano led government have attracted  since the state security status quo was rejigged and consequently, declared safe haven under his watch.

 No doubt, The epoch making grand commissioning of the STANEL MEGA  Oil & GAS  STATION sited in the hybrow area of the state capital was ably graced by the modern day "Aku lue uno" exponent, His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano and notable Politicians in the state. It was at this epoch event that an APC governorship Aspirant , serving Senator Andy Ubah intoxicated by the sterling achievement of Governor Willie Obiano dazed an excited crowd, when he openly endorsed Akpokuedike for second tenure. Senator Andy Ubah who acknowledged the profundity of the Governor's strides was prompted to unveiling the edifice. He   punctuated " it is only a blindman who would see good thing and refuses to acknowledge it, Our governor is doing great, and we will continue to support him"

Soon after the grand commissioning of STANEL, the messengers of doom went gaga accusing wife of the state governor as the original owner of the STANEL MEGA Petrol and Gas Mart. These restless men from the last new dawn are ignorant of the existing 'Teflon coating' Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano (Osodieme) is imbued with. It stands  against allegations and charges that cannot be proved , or made to stick.  These unfounded and malicious allegations we have put down to a smear campaign by detractors, enemies of progress,idle and lazy minds, food is ready politicians, pay me I write for you e-rats,  fake News blogger s,  political opponents who are desperate to pull down the best governor ever seen in the annal history of Anambra.

As the November 18 governorship shindig approaches, we are in the know that the opposition has the potentials to run the nastiest campaign with which to undermine Governor Willie Obiano's image, we are equally on standby to burst every micro or macro lies and deceits emanating from these rampaging men of the last new dawn.

 Independent Media Support Organization for Obiano 2017 will continue to run a good , clean, and hard-hitting campaign. Be rest assured that His Excellency,  Chief Willie Obiano is determined to keep this campaign out of sleaze business, he is one leader whose  impeccable image has protected him from scandals and charges of incompetence.

 He will lead us  again!


Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma
 Executive Director
Independent Media Support Organization(IMSO)
Obiano 2017

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