Friday, 23 June 2017

Onitsha residents reject Obiano as Moghalu of APC vows to ban OCHA Brigade

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

The Operation Clean and Healthy Anambra state outfit(aka OCHA Brigade), a sociopolitical/economic creation of Gov Willie Obiano to enforce conformity with social and economic norms in Anambra state has been described as "an example of executive rascality".

Addressing Council and Wards executives of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in Onitsha in continuation of his ongoing meet the people's tour of the state, the National Auditor of the APC and a frontline Anambra governorship aspirant in the forthcoming Nov 18,2017 election in the state, Dr George Moghalu said he would not allow the body harass citizens of the state any further.

Responding to a question by one of the party officers whose concern received a standing ovation from other participants during the interactive briefing with the party chiefs of Onitsha North/South Councils at the Knights of St Mulumba's Hall along Enwonwu Street, Onitsha yesterday, Dr Moghalu saw the group as "example of executive rascality.

"I don't accept or endorse it. I cannot legalize lawlessness and thuggery", Moghalu emphasized. Citizens of the state have heard no kind words for the OCHA Brigade who they complain bitterly have been an official menace to all. They had extorted monies, arrested, molested, seized and demolished people's homes, offices, shops and factories. The group had become so much pain to citizens that when the news of sudden demise its former helmsman Kenneth Okonkwo broke, a wild jubilation all over the state, especially Onitsha and environs.

The governorship hopeful expressed deep worry over religious politics which has become the hallmark of some politicians and political parties in the state. 

According to him, "am a practicing Catholic, because I was born a Catholic. But we must separate politics from religion, because they do not mix.

"As governor, I shall be governor of all-the Pentecostal, the Anglican, the Catholic, the atheists and even pagans, etc. I shall be governor of the citizens of Anambra state because the mandate I seek is to do good and enhance the welfare of all. I seek the support and votes of all. I will use the mandate to benefit all."

On how prepared and capable he was for the challenges and demands of the coming governorship election, Moghalu assured all his supporters that he has all it would take to win and run the state very effectively and successfully to the joy of all.

He acknowledge being aware of the gimmicks of some opponents both within and outside the party that he's not a money-bag, hence may not suffuse the political space with bags of cash like them, Dr Moghalu pointed out that he knows that governorship election was not a tea party, but that he is very prepared and financially fortified to tackle the needful and challenges required and expected of him in order to come out victorious. 

Describing himself as an uncommon politician, but that he knows his onions and therefore urged his supporters and admirers to be rest assured he would not disappoint them in any circumstances. He said that it was 'professional aspirants' who lack ability, capability and know-how that goes about mouthing their financial prowess yet has no single project or programme to their names either collectively or individually with all those phantom deep pockets.

He urged the electorates to receive anything they bring but should not compromise their political mindset and focus. "If they come with any gift, take it. If they want, take oath but endeavour to neutralize it with prayers. Because they have no genuine intentions, whatever oath would not work against anyone... Let none of those Greek gifts, make anybody lose focus on the mark. Vote your conscience, vote for me. Your vote for me will guarantee your future..."



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