Thursday, 8 June 2017

Niger state youths pull out of Arewa, vow to accommodate Biafrans, Igbos

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We the youth of Niger state welcome with open hands, big heart and a wide smile any or all Igbos who are asked to leave any state in the north.

We in Niger state have over the years considered everyone, irrespective of tribe or religion to be our own, this is why you find all tribes in the civil service and all other endeavours.

History has shown that cities, states and even nations develop faster and better when there is migration.

At this period of our state's development when your knowledge and idea alone are not enough to lead you out of your challenge, we feel that the coming of not just Igbos but all other tribes to our state will be an added advantage to the state.

Some of the other advantage you will also enjoy living In Niger state are, cheap food, low rent cost, vast land mass (largest in Nigeria), a friendly population, variety of culture, proximity to the federal capital Abuja, freedom of religious practice, freedom of Association and right to own personal properties and businesses.

In the past Government have made it a duty to appoint several non-indigenes as SAs and SSAs to the Governor, I believe even now, there are so many of such appointments.

It Is part of our religious/cultural believes to treat strangers well, and this our hospitality, I think is the reason most Corp members who serve in Niger state stay behind even after service.

I enjoy all Igbos in Niger state to Ignore the primitive call by some misguided northern youth asking them to leave, don't go anywhere, and if you must go "please come to Niger state"

Today some of us take pride In Barrack Obama (former US president) Sadiq Khan ( mayor of london), Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) Andre Carson (D-Ind.) (All Congress men in USA), Huma Mahmood Abedin (Muslim migrant Clinton Advisor), all these great hands, innovative brains are children and grand children of immigrants, if America had expelled them, it would never would have benefitted from their knowledge and diverse background.

We in Niger state are ready and willing to accommodate anybody from anywhere who wants to stay and have a legitimate living in Niger state.

Only recently I saw a poster of a Yoruba man (bayo) who is aspiring to contest for house of Assembly position in Bida, that made me proud, you too can.

For more information on anything anywhere around the Niger state, be it business, Agriculture, Tourism, Or just a visit contact me.

Yahaya Mohammed,
Youth leader, journalist, businessman, politician, Proud Nigerlite and friend of the Igbos

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