Monday, 26 June 2017

Nawgu children benefit from TCC immunisation

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By Gabriel Alonta, Chinedu Nwaneri

Children between the age of five to fourteen in Nawgu community, Dunukofia local government area, are currently receiving immunisation against river blindness.
The exercise scheduled to last for two weeks, commenced on Thursday, 25th May, to end on June 7; and is being carried out by some indigenous youths of the community.

When reporters visited the community, it was gathered that the exercise is being sponsored by the Carter Center foundation.

In an interview, the leader of the group, Mr. Angus Onwuogu said the the immunisation exercise is an annual exercise mostly carried out in the schools and homes of the children in the community, adding that the Carter Center is a blessing in disguise to the people of Nawgu community.

He called on other meaning stakeholders in the state to join the likes of the Foundation and individuals like Emeka Offor to make funds available for maximum coverage of all children in the community.

Onwuogu explained that the children were selected using a measuring stick to determine the number of drugs that will be administered to them to avoid over dose.

Meanwhile, a visit to Iruka Primary School, Nawgu, revealed that the school is in a sorry state in terms of infrastructure and other learning materials.

 A teacher who earlier declined to comment, but later spoke on the condition of anonymity told our reporters that the standard of infrastructure in the school is nothing to write home.

She said that some of the teachers in school has no seat and even the number of classrooms in the school is not enough for the pupils.

She also complained about the neglect by the government at providing the necessary amenities for the school, adding that the school need the immediate intervention of the state government.

Some of the children too were seen seated on the floor during classes

The principal of the school, Mrs. Anaja Angela could not be reached.

In another development, indigenes of Nawgu has decried the poor state of road and lack of electricity supply in the community.

An indigene, Mr. Elias Ufo said the Obinagu road leading to Otoko Isu has always been in very bad condition.
According to him, “during rainy season, the road is swampy, and it affects our activities, especially the market women, who can not transport their goods to the market, as a result of the condition of the road”.

“Last year, we were told in a general meeting that the governor has promised to repair the road, but since then nothing has been done, and the road is getting worse by the day”.
Mr. Ufo lamented the lack of electricity supply which has lingered for over two months now.
“We used to have epileptic power supply before now, but before we knew, EEDC began to give us outrageous bills, which we could not afford and the light was disconnected”, he stated.

He explained that the bill amounting to over N1 million was meant for the community, describing the bill as crazy, hence, the refusal by the community to pay; while also expressing skepticism on the ability of a rural community to foot such bill.

He therefore, called on the government and other stakeholders to look into the issues bedeviling the welfare of indigenes in the community.



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