Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I won't bribe you to vote for me--Ezeemo

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Progressive People's Alliance leader and gubernatorial aspirant in the forthcoming Anambra State governorship election come November 18, 2017, Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo, has reiterated his stance that he would not join the band wagon of giving people money in return for their votes during the elections, insisting that he believes the masses are more intelligent now to vote according to the antecedents and perceived character of the candidates.
Speaking during a recent voter education exercise conducted for youths in his hometown, Umuchu, Ezeemo emphasized that he does not pay people for their votes but insists that anyone who thinks he has what it takes to manage the common resources of the people make the society better, they can vote for him.
He decried how youths die in the Sahara desert,  saying that the resources and revenue that accrue to Anambra State are more than enough to create greener pastures.
He disclosed that the federal allocation that comes to every community in Anambra State runs into not less than N17 million monthly and N200 million annually.
"If this money and other revenue are religiously employed, every community should have all her roads built to standard within a four year tenure of a government and every other basic amenity up and running," he said.
The party chieftain affirmed that what Anambra State needs is a selfless leader who is contented with what he has and displays genuine love for the masses.
He denounced the greed of most past leaders which he said has led to the misappropriation of public funds and the viscous cycle of underdevelopment being experienced in Anambra State.
In his words, "I have a problem with you if you find yourself in the corridor of power and you appropriate public fund for personal use,  I have a problem with you."
Ezeemo observed that youth restiveness is the primary problem of Anambra State and that the security vote which comes into the pockets of the state government and runs in billions monthly is meant to address this pro actively.
"Youth restiveness is our primary problem, not infrastructure. That is why I have made power generation my priority. I know that once power is steady,  industries will spring up rapidly and youths will be gainfully employed," he noted.
He therefore called for a mass movement demanding for good governance come November 18, and promised that if the masses stand with him, he will not let them down.
"Any money that will not be of benefit to my neighbour,  I have prayed to God to prevent it from coming to me," he swore.



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