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Governor Obiano, Obi and Anambra November 18 guber poll

Governor Obiano, Mr Peter Obi and November 2017
by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

Amazed is the right word to describe the situation I have found myself watching Media handlers of our state, Anambra. Why on earth should a sitting Governor seeking re-election direct his arsenals at a non-partisan for the Governorship election? Who blinks last in that attention seeking mission?

A media team with discordant tune on simple matter like age of Obiano’s mother, whereas Information Commissioner, Tony Nnacheta said 90;  SSA, media, James Eze said 87. The same thing happened at the presentation of work tools to the police, an SSA wrote 100 motorbikes, conflicting with 50 figure newsmen had. One can go on with this faux pas daily.

I personally worked under Obi in different status and related closely to him and his aides without exception before Governor Willie Obiano took over. For his wife Margaret, she is not just like a big sister to me, I had the privilege of working as part of her media team unofficially.

Despite the relentless efforts and sacrifices Obi’s wife made to elect Obiano and wife as successor, she has never been appreciated by Obiano’s wife, yet she kept her cool. She has never called me or anybody to my knowledge to ask what Obiano’s wife was doing or not doing because she is grateful to God for granting her 8 years to serve Anambra meritoriously. Then why attack her?

I was sure that for  Obi’s return,  she played 50 percent roles unknown to many. She has no time for frivolities and I could bet that if not Anambra governance, many would not know her until she completes her mission on earth. I had wished she calls me daily as insinuated in some quarters but it was just a wishful thinking. We joined her in suffering for Obiano’s election which was considered as Obi’s 3rd term in order to fulfil the last wish of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu of blessed memory. Thank God, the wish was fulfilled.

On his part, Obi who some of my colleagues and I had an agreement with to battle opposition in all ramifications for the sake of Obiano became an enemy immediately after swearing in, some say immediately he was announced as the winner. And immediately Obi became an outsider in a government he fought and delivered. We, his admirers and foot soldiers became suspects and lepers to say the least. All we laboured for became history and returnees who knew next to nothing to how the election was prosecuted took over.
And in other to strangulate the meek and kind man new in the puzzle called politics, Obiano, the favoured aides feed him hate and spiteful lies against Obi and his lieutenants. And surprisingly some who diverted Obi’s money in millions given to them to prosecute the election, found Obiano’s ears and spew more hate and inconsiderate lies to enable them perch continuously but alas where are they?  She is gone! He is gone! They are gone!

Though Obi, a man with many parts and an enigma of sorts could not be caught pants down by all the lies heaped on him by Obiano’s media boys, Obiano himself continued to derail by the day as his aides dish lies often unimaginable to the public without compunction, while Obi’s profile keep rising. The more they shoot at him, the more he becomes a national hero with his ‘a million for each school campaign’ across the nation. Can anyone stop a moving train?

Obi is our hero, no matter how anybody denigrates him and luckily for him he has refused to be diminished by careless and diminutive acts of some people who climbed the ladder of relevance using him as the rungs.  Since Obi left office, it could best be said that he has abandoned his unofficial media assistants. He has not deemed it fit to say hello to them, even when they were unsettled based on promises from him for 8 years of service to his government, coupled with their titanic support during the election that brought Obiano in.

Yet, daily people insinuate Obi called his lieutenants for one media war or the other. The greatest weapon Obi has is that he is easily liked as he does the needful whenever he is approached.  Some people he worked with still have conscience, if not he would have been a political orphan by now.   Because of Obi, a journalist rejected thousands of dollars to work for Obiano’s election.

Today, rather than face good governance and purposeful leadership targeted at guaranteed and uncompromised second term in office, Obiano’s aides are busy distracting him. He keeps fighting unnecessary battles with the wrong people to the extent that every Dick, Jack and Harry plans to fleece some cash from him in collaboration with his aides by claiming one thing or the other. Sometimes they arrange courtesy calls that do not make meaning. See fight for the proceeds! They even scramble over sharing of  kola nut money! Think of the real political cash for elections!

Now, daily Obiano’s men concoct lies offline and online maliciously against the former Governor, Mr Peter Obi respected across board for spending billions to ensure he is elected Governor of Anambra state from Anambra North. Obi did not stop at that, he left whooping N75 Billion for Obiano which they spent more money fighting to deny whereas evidence abound as confirmed by former Diamond Bank chairman, Dr Alex Oti that Obi left $150M in three banks. Now, who fooled who? Who is a liar? Since facts are sacred, why waste energy and resources on frivolities in the name of governance?

Why should such distraction be coming from Obiano or any of his aides? Against petty media attacks, unwarranted and skewed hate speeches and biased standpoint against Obi, wife and associates, the time of reckoning for Obiano to test his political sagacity and gerrymandering is nigh.  Why authorize gibberish and attribute to Obi, just to demystify him, yet he has nothing at stake? Just be ready for bile in months to come and shall any of you plan evil for anyone for exposing your ineptness, may his or her days be cut short by the gods.

Already, sycophants have taken over the stage, assuring what they could not in their wildest dream actualize. Surprisingly, associates and close aides of the Governor are convinced second term is a mirage but they must get the campaign funds. I state categorically that they would be disappointed because Obiano is not ready to spend further resources on this election, he is now in disadvantaged position in All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). The Appeal from Oye would be determined by December meaning after 2017 General Elections in the state. Oye could be in the cold once the ambition is actualized but what a political neophyte all his political aides are? Rather than switch allegiance immediately, since APGA is APGA, they were busy fighting over order of Mandamus as if they don’t understand the implications.

Expended forces in Labour union, expired politicians, desperate market leaders, some traditional rulers who could not even control their kingdom, are making promises and endorsing Obiano for a second term just to get a bite at the cheery.  At the time of Dr. Chinwoke Mabadinuju, just as now,  endorsements were money spinning  venture, yet Mbadinuju’s second term collapsed like a pack of cards. The scenario is becoming same by the day and I make bold to say that your over 750 aides would be meaningless in this election.

Obi has not spoken and the density of reactions swelled overboard, how will it be if Obi, the Anambra trail blazing former Governor, asks his associates and aides to attack you media wise online and offline. Please concentrate on your re-election and let Obi be, for embarking on so many wars at a time pays no one, including a Governor. Take heart on the death of Mama, Kenneth and others associated with you and your administration for sure all must return to mother earth.

 My Governor!

My Governor!!

Odogwu Emeka ODOGWU is a Public Affairs analyst and commentator.

 He is a blogger of repute, also a Media Executive based in South East, Nigeria.

He can be reached on 08060750240.

 E mail: odogwuc[truncated by WhatsApp



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