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God has turned his back on Igbos—Eri monarch

On 21st August, 1976, His Royal Majesty, Eze Chukwuemeka Eri (Aka ji Ovo Igbo) was crowned Ezeora 34th Enugwu Aguleri, Iduu Eri Kingdom in Anambra East local government area of Anambra State.

In this interview with publisher, Okechukwu Onuegbu, he revealed the origin of Igbos, while insisting that the people shall remain marginalized and pass through excruciating pains and agony till they ascertain their roots.

Who are the Igbos

You are in Obu Gad (Gad’s palace), Enugwu Aguleri, an ancestral home of Igbos from Eri, fifth son of Gad. Gad was the 7th son of Jacob. That is our relationship with the Israel. This is the root of Igbos. They never descended from heaven.
Obu Igbo has been in existence for long. It is the land where creation started. You heard that civilisation started in Africa? It is from Obu Gad even though people erroneously regard Egypt as cradle of civilisation just because book and education showcased them to the world before we became known.  
Like I said earlier, from historical findings, Eri from Israel was the fifth son of Gad, the seventh son of Jacob (Genesis 46:15-18 and Numbers 26:16:18). He migrated from Egypt with a group of companions just before the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt many centuries ago. They travelled by water and finally arrived at the confluence of Ezu and Omabala (Anambra) Rivers, located in present-day Aguleri, where it was spiritually or divinely revealed to Eri that the point was to be their final destination and settlement. They moved into the hinterland and settled in the present-day Aguleri. Eri lived and died at Aguleri.
Eri, our father had six children such as Agulu Eri (Aguleri), Onoja (who left to found Igala), Edoziuno nwa oba Eri who left to found Edo/Benin kingdom. His fourth child was Igbo, while the fifth wasMenri, who was a priest and hunter and left to found Nri (Agukwu, Enugwu-Ukwu, and other Nris). That is why whenever Nri descendents want to crown Eze, he must come to Obu Gad for certain cultural and traditional rites without which they would not become traditional rulers. The famous late Igwe Tabansi Udene and others visited Aguleri for this. Also, Eze Onyeso of Nri was here in 1988…
The sixth child of Eri was Ada mgba, who was also the only daughter he had. She gave birth to Awkzu, Umueri, etc.

What then are evidences to show that Obu Gad has been in existence for long before Egypt?

There is nothing to doubt that we were the root of African civilisation. Even the archeologists and historians from the Western world, Israelis, Asians, African-Americans and others who have gone round the Egypt and other parts of Africa confirmed it on their arrival to this place. They discovered that our people were active during the time of Stone Age, trade by barter, eras of use of cowries, slave trade, name them. Our forefathers engaged in farming of yams and cocoyam, hunting, fishing, among others.
Those years were the years of movements by water because there was neither air nor land transportation.
The reasons why we were not known for long was because of our forefathers relationship with the early Europeans to arrive on the land. They were not accommodated because of their light skin and shoes they wore which made our people to think that they had no toes and could cause some damages to their culture and tradition.
You can also discover that from our list of traditional rulers. I am the 34th. My predecessors to the throne were; Eze Anyiamigbo (Ezeora) Ezeora I (1087bc-1036bc), Eze Agwuve Ezeora Ii (1033bc-958bc), Eze Ojemba Ezeora Iii (955bc-895bc), Eze Nochiugo Ezeora Iv (475bc-388bc), Eze Onyeagwanam Ezeora V (387bc-247bc), Eze Nkwukwu Ezeora Vi (242bc-131bc), Eze Honwagwu Ezeora Vii (130bc-43bc), Eze Aghaegbulem Ezeora Viii (40bc-48ad), Eze Akadigbo Ezeora Ix (50-144), Eze Okwuatu-Egwu Ezeora X (147-238), Eze Ugam Ezeora Xi (239-309), Eze Gbujie Ezeora Xii (315-394), Eze Ilora Ezeora Xiii (398-452), Eze Dibie Olome Ezeora Xiv (459-553), Eze Gbukamadu Ezeora Xv (555-655), Eze Echiebuke Ezeora Xvi (657-733), Eze Onamadianyi Ezeora Xvii (737-827), Eze Nwaukpala Ezeora Xviii (831-913), Eze Kwutulumuj Ezeora Xix (916-1001), Eze Idumba Ofomeke Ezeora Xx (1007-1095), Eze Adidiesi Ezeora Xxi (1100-1176), Eze Nwaesi Idu Ezeora Xxii (1177-1240), Eze Obanaidu Ezeora Xxiii (1246-1310), Eze Chinweze Ezeora Xxiv (1313-1367), Eze Nwaokpalaora Ezeora Xxv (1370-1446), Eze Ezem Ezeora Xxvi (1448-1530), Eze Ezechi Ezeora Xxvii (1534-1608), Eze Ezemailo Ezeora Xxviii (1613-1684), Eze Erimeli Ezeora Xxix (1691-1752), Eze Ogodougbo Ezeora Xxx (1760-1820), Eze Mabam Ezeora Xxxi (1826-1860), Eze Ekwo / Eze Chizor Ezeora Xxxii (1866-1910), And Eze Chiezie Ejorh (Idoga) Ezeora Xxxiii (1958-1968).
Again, because of our long history my cabinet members were drawn from all over the land including Imo, Abia, Delta, Rivers, and so on.

What are other interesting parts of Eri kingdom you may wish to show us?

I will send someone from my cabinet to take round our miracle trees, Obu gad palace, and other historical places if you are free to grace them.
These are anointed places where you will receive whatever you want in life if you solicit them from God in purity and righteousness. There are records of people who began to prophesy from there.
The miracle trees is a trinity where our second king joined his ancestors. Our oral tradition had it that the King in one of his coronation remembrance day, Ovala, was covered by sand. It started from covering his feet. As people present at the ovala saw this happening, they took to their heels. On returning the next day, they found that his entire body had been covered completely. On 28 days (izu n’asaa), three trees sprouted there.
As a result, people began to consult gods to find out what the trees were and how to preserve them. It was revealed to them that it was the king, and that the king was sent by God. There are three stars in heaven which he also used to show us that he is from God. Following an instruction to safeguard the trees, they fenced it.
As you will see it yourself, that tree is connected with one root. It is called trinity. Aguleri has trinity. That is, Aguleri—Enugwu, Ivite, Ugboezunu. Nigeria has trinity, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.
If you come to this place and asked God for something, He would give it to you within few days. That is why we are not bad people. Also, people do carry sands from here and use it anywhere for common goods of them.

Your people appeared to be rooted to African culture and tradition. Are there Christians and Churches in Enugwu Aguleri?
Yes! We have several churches and Christians here. and we have been living in love, peace and unity.
But you know that our forefathers religion was not idolatry which some people believed it to be. The first thing God gave to them was kola nut (oji igbo, bitter kola and others), nzu (white chalk), and alligator pepper. With these there are nothing you ask God in humility and righteousness that you cannot get from Him.
You know that Hausas use it as food while Yorubas cultivate it.

How did you become a traditional ruler?

I learnt that my parents were childless for almost 17 years. In these periods of childlessness, they visited all kinds of places making inquiry and atonement to God. At the process, they were assured that they would have a child who would be accompanied by a star. And that they should be mindful of what he eats, where he goes, and other sundry activities. My parents were equally warned to pray against premature death in order to be alive and nurture that child to attain his destiny. Unfortunately, my mother died three days after my birth. My father took over the responsibility of keeping to those laws they were given. But he could not make it because he died when I was still a toddler as well. Our people never relented on nurturing me in the ways of God.
Anywhere I get to, I joined the person in whatever business he was into. That is why I had been a farmer, trader dealing on drugs, among other enterprises. These went on till it was confirmed that I was to succeed my traditional ruler who joined his ancestors during the Biafra/Nigeria civil war. 

How does Enugwu-Aguleri select her monarch?

Our traditional institution is hereditary among the kingmakers, Umu-Ezeora. These Umuezeora are direct decedents of Eri. He gave Enugwu Ovo (staff) and Enugwu gave it to our forefathers Ezeora to become Eze Igbo nile. After that, he took him to the conference, Ogbonambo Omambala n’Ezu (at conference of Anambra and Ezu Rivers); threw the Ovo into the river, charging him to jump into the river whenever he wants to ordain a new king as he would always find it in there.
He also said that the reason he chose to threw it into the rivers was to help him secure it against the wisest or strongest in the society that might like to wrestle it with him when he’s no more.
That is why whenever people from any part of Igbo land who have the knowledge of where Igwe come from come, we will go there to help them get Obibi Eze. It’s miraculous.  The event culminating into this is consulting of the gods to reveal to the oraculists, diviners and seers assembled at Obuga from Aguleri and beyond the identity of the person they (the gods) had chosen to collect ‘Ududu-Eze’ from the bottom of the confluence of Ezu and Anambra rivers. Whoever gods chose would go to the rivers at about 1am. accompanied by four other persons so appointed by gods. According to our tradition, any object in the palms of the person that went to the bottom of the river at Agbanabo, be it clay, stone, stick, or whatever, is the Ududu-Eze, also known as ‘Ikekelu-Eze Nri’ (the power that creates Eze Nri).

It’s discovered from your coronation picture that you were cronwed at tender age. So, how were you able to acquire formal education?

Truly, our people did not value education then. They saw it as a sacrilege, something abnormal or things meant for the lazy people not kingmakers like us. But now, we go to school. Those days they never thought that education would be beneficiary to them. That is why government looked down at us then. I learnt through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

You mean the community has been without a basic social amenity for all these years?

Yes! It His Excellency, Governor Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano’s administration that brought education; primary and secondary schools, hospital and asphalted road to us. We never had these in the past except few private schools in operation.

As a traditional ruler of 41 years experience, do you think that Igbos are still having it good in cultural activities like chieftaincy titles, monarchs, awards and others?

No! but I won’t talk much about that. Most of them have been altered. Our people need to come to Obu Gad to be told their root, culture and tradition. You see how most of them are using back of the palm to exchange pleasantry or salutations. That is totally wrong. Our people must stop it because it amounts to chain and backwardness. There is nowhere in the world where people greet or receive greetings through back of palm.
On Igwe, it is only in Anambra that they are less than 200. Enugu has about 400, Abia over 1000, Imo about 500. It’s too much. This is causing a lot of crisis in our land. We need to come together at Obu Gad to discuss ways forward.

What do you mean when you said that Igbos should come and identify with Obu Gad?

Don’t disregard your ancestral home. Our people must first identify their roots before they can achieve anything. God has turned His back against the Igbos. There is nowhere we can gain Biafra or progress without first identifying with our ancestral home. You know that our neigbhours like Yorubas holds onto Oduduwa as their progenitor and always converge at Ife to discuss their indaba. Hausas also converge to Sokoto Caliphate to discuss ways forward for the race.
However, Igbos have refused to visit Obu Gad which is a place where they ought to come and make case for their development, progress, peace and unity.
This is why they are suffering. The problem started with the coming of Europeans who brought education. You can’t make headway when you neither know your mother or father. 
How I wish you would be available on Saturday this week to see things yourself because I will be welcoming ndi amuma (prophets) from Abuja and America. They have been identifying with us after discovering their origin. We have about 12 white men that are currently making arrangements to attend Olili Obibia Eri (the arrival of Eri, the progenitor of the Igbo race at Agbanabo Ezu N’Omambala
) (Ovala) holding on November this year.
There are some of them who through DNA test found that they are Igbos, while others are saying that it were their fathers who sold or force our Igbos into slave trade, and wants to get liberated from its effect on them.
We are making hotels accommodation for them.



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