Friday, 16 June 2017

Entrepreneurship, way out of recession- Chukwuka

By Gabriel Alonta
The Managing Director of Anambra State Small Business Agency (ASBA), Clement Chukwuka has said entrepreneurship is the best way to survive in a period of recession anywhere in the world.
In an interview, Chukwuka said it is advisable that individuals engage themselves in entrepreneurial activities, especially with the high rate of unemployment, and the current economic situation of the country.
Describing economic recession as when there are two consecutive negatives in the GDP of a country, the entrepreneur said ASBA is on a mission to train and empower individuals not just to be financially independence but also to generate revenue for the country, which, according to him, will boost the nation’s economy.
Chukwuka stated that ASBA has been able to partner with the Central Bank of Nigeria through the State Government, to access N2billion fund in two phases for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, pointing out that “Anambra rice” is funded by ASBA.
According to him, ASBA which commenced June, 2015, is an agency duly established by law in Anambra , to take charge of all the small and medium scale businesses, birthed as a result of the State Government’s vision to liberate its citizens from poverty.
 He commended the State Governor, Willie Obiano for his love and support for entrepreneurship as the agency has learnt to do so much with very little resources, adding that ASBA has created over 12,000 direct jobs and over 50,000 indirect jobs through industrial cluster.
“Willie Obiano is a dynamic man who understands the economy and comes from a multi-faceted discipline”, he stated.
He however noted that the present administration is in the business of teaching people how to things, not just doing it for them; a virtue, he said, would encourage more individuals to embrace entrepreneurship and eradicate extreme poverty.
Chukwuka disclosed that the mission of the agency is to establish a structured and efficient hub for Small, and Medium enterprises, which will enhance sustainable economic development in the State.
“The agency gives cheap funds to encourage and empower small and medium enterprise owners and ASBA believes that when Small and Medium Enterprises grow, they add to the GDP of the country”, he added.
He further revealed the Agency’s plan to develop a world class business academy where small and medium enterprise owners and fresh graduates will be mentored; also an avenue to educate illiterate traders on how to manage their businesses and invest right.



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