Monday, 26 June 2017

Anambra community bemoan gross marginalisation by the state government

By Gabriel Alonta

The President General of Isiagu community, Mr. Chukwurah Okeke and other indigenes of the community has decried the incessant marginalisation of the people by the state government of Anambra State.

The president general said that the people of Isiagu has been short-changed from participating in governance across the state and ministries.

According to him, “We have less representative in the government and although we are closer to the capital territory, no person from Isiagu has been a commissioner since the inception of Anambra State. Our brothers in the government are all labourers. We are being marginalised because we are a small community”.

He also rued god fatherism as being one of the reasons why the people of Isiagu had been largely neglected over the years, appealing the state government to come their aid. 

Confirming the said marginalisation of the Isiagu community in governance, the youth leader of Isiagu community, Comrade Kingsley Nwokoye reiterated that Isiagu as a community has been seriously marginalised to the extent that in Ananmbra state civil service, the community cannot boast of ten persons working both in local and state government.

“When you come to the political involvement, the much we can boast is councilor. We have not gone to the level of chairman or deputy chairman of a local government neither have we smelled the state assembly.

“Economically, there is low standard of infrastructural facilities in the community like good water, electricity, good road network and lack of empowerment of our youth.

“Isiagu have a fertile and are very energetic people but we need government empowerment and if government doesn’t do anything about it, overtime, there would be consequences”, he added.

According to the women chairperson of Isiagu community, Mr. Grace Okoro, “the government should assist us in providing good water and road. We are blessed with fertile land and to market our products efficiently, we need proper road network”.

“These amenities will also attract mechanised agriculture in the community to improve our farming system since the major occupation of our people is in the area of agriculture”, she added.

Another indigene, who gave his name as Emmanuel Nwangwu appealed to the state government to come to their aid through adequate provision of infrastructural facilities that would help the people hone the marketing of their agricultural product, adding that ninety per cent of the total occupation of the community is in agriculture and other related activities.   



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