Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Anambra 2017:Group demands for credible governorship candidates

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Okechukwu Onuegbu

Ahead of the Anambra state gubernatorial election in November 18, 2017, a group, Centre for Leadership Trust and Moral Rectitude, has urged the electorates in the state to ensure they vote for a candidate with good attributes as the governor. 

The Director General, Centre for Leadership Trust and Moral Rectitude, Barr. Innocent Ezeugo vowed that his group would take it as a duty to scrutinize all candidates presented by various political parties for the poll to ensure that the best among them emerges victorious, saying it is the only way the state can move forward.

Speaking at a press briefing in Awka yesterday, Ezeugo disclosed that the group recognizes a leader who has interest of his people at heart and strives to carry his people along in the discharge of his duty as the chief servant of the state.

"A leader we believe should not stand behind his people to push them, rather he should place himself before the people to facilitate progress and inspire them to accomplish set goals", he said.

He also said that a candidate must have a high level of integrity and evidence of personal discipline, high degree of loyalty, show courage of conviction and commitment to the state.

"The candidate must be consistent and show proof of verifiable means of livelihood, experience in management of men and material, be tolerant, have respect for the role of law and respect for human right", he noted.

Other qualities he added include that the candidate must believe in popular participation and consultation, offer voluntary services to the state, cherish traditional values and customs and devoid of religious bigotry among others, insisting that if possessed by the gubernatorial candidates, they are capable of turning Anambra around.  

He said, "These are the qualities Anambra people said they are going to look for. We shall scrutinize the candidates and verify their claims to enable us direct Anambrarians accordingly, in accordance with the objectives of our organization. The scrutiny would commence after the political parties have conducted their primaries in the state".

Ezeugo however said that his organization would conduct another opinion poll on candidates that emerged after the party primaries, to look at their background, how he or she has impacted on lives of the people, the number of projects executed in the state by the candidate etc.

 "If found that you have not done anything tangible in the state, it would not augur well for the candidate", he warned, 

He added, "These requires that the gubernatorial candidates are judged not just by the size of their wealth, but also by clearly measurable qualities".

Ezeugo said their objectives include to restore the dignity of man and democratic ethos through inspiring leadership qualities epitomized by precepts, as well as to encourage attitudinal changes from corrupt leadership practice to leadership uprightness



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