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Aisha's 3 reports that turned Obiano's aides, Akabuike's wife deaf and dumb forever

Aisha Edward
Aisha Edward, the National Director, Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder in these facts and figures reports sent some aides of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State including the wife of the state commissioner of health, Nkiruka Akabuike deaf and dumb. Read on ...
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Nkiru Akabuike
Aisha's first reply:
My Sincere Advice to Mr Akabuike Junk Message to Me this Morning .
Dear Sir,
After digesting the Political Message and Shameless pose from a Politician claimed Medical Doctor and having read your PRO response in the person of your wife over our public outcry , It became very Clear to me that you have lost touch with medicine and Surgery as a respected course and Career But most importantly you're an eye service Aide who is not aware that every APLSCD activities and Financial Accounts is accessible to the public through our Website Aplscd.Org or Facebook Book page, print and electronic media in Nigeria as well as her Monthly Journals . I truly enjoyed that Show of Shame from a Lousy and Ignorant woman who claimed she is a Lecturer yet Could not identity her Job Specifications as a Civil Servant and a Mother or even the Essence of Motherhood to the Society. What More do I say to the Copy and Paste man who Uses the Church to hide his iniquities in a most despicable manner? Are you aware that you have killed several Souls of SCD victims who died in Anambra due to your wickedness and neglect? And you think God will protect you and your Own? Are you begging me secretly to Back down in my own just cause? Why don't you go to the Court with your legion of Counsel and preach your Sermon to the Court? Are you aware that I lied to the public on several occasions just to protect your image in the public glare which am really regretting in tears? Do you know that I have paid the price of those lies by losing my people whom you never cared nor protected because of your nonchalant attitude? Do you know that their Souls are Crying for Justice every minute of your life? Akabuike Do you think you can remain the Commissioner for health Forever? Have you ever heard about the word KARMA? Do you even think am so naive, Stupid, Scared or Gullible to Face you Anywhere? The next time you call any of my Guardian,mentors or Spiritual Directors to Prevail on me, be it the one I worship and adore, I will make Sure I disgrace you with those Syndicates you work with. Pls Mr Akabuike Do not Send me any Message whatsoever to manipulate my Emotions or Psychology for now because it may even cause you more Damage especially now that I'm recovering from a serious Shock and Nervous Breakdown Courtesy of Your Evil Betrayal to APLSCD. Quietly and Kindly go to Court if you have any Defence please and If indeed you are Still a Doctor as you Claimed then The medical ethics demands that you treat a Patient with some Level of Respect, decorum and utmost Professional attention and that Includes the Uncontrollable Lunatic on the Street.
Yours in Waiting.
Aisha's second reply:
BLACKMAIL is a word usually considered when Two people are neck deep in a secret that is capable of causing serious damage to either a person, group of people or even the society at large. Either ways both the Blackmailer or the Victims are usually left with the Choice of Speaking Out either to God or Man and Do the Needful by Choosing the Painful Right Path.
Personally as Aisha am really Sick and Tired of people when confronted with the truth and they will be Seen Shouting Cheap Blackmail! Particularly at the Sound of Every truth Shown to Them.
Nowadays During Electoral Season in Anambra State the Average Anambra Man does not Seem to understand the Dictionary word Called Blackmail. Almost Every Anambra Man Especially Their Politicians and their Street thugs as well as their Social media Bandits Will always Shout "WHY ARE YOU BLACKMAILING ME?"
At the Sound of a Glaring and indisputable Fact. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Oh God please Open their Eyes of Understanding and teach them the true meaning of the word BLACKMAIL which they always use for any Possible Crime Soft Landing.
No doubt it is a State full of men an women of high intellectual repute, and I Sincerely admire that about them and will continue to give them that Resounding applauds and deserving Credit. But Unfortunately Truth has NO TRIBE, NO RELIGION, NO COLOUR, NOR even STATE. For any insensitive human to wake up and Say he is being blackmail over any issue because the person is impoverished and not from a particular choice Tribe is indeed a BIG JOKE and Laughable situation. Anyone who feels Blackmailed Reserve the Right to go to the Court of Competent Jurisdiction without making so much noise about it or whooping sentiments and emotions.
He who shouts Blackmail Remains a big Suspect until proven guilty or Innocent in the Court of Law and that is What I dare the victims to Do when accused.
Anambra State is a State I have come to Love Since I was born and Raised there before the State Creation. However Fighting Crime has been my lifetime Hobby Since I personally have phobia for Crime and Injustice. Though very much private as a person and do not parley much with Friends, which has given me the effrontery to speak my mind with ease without attaching any sentiments in pleasing anyone and that includes the Man I loved so Much before his death. I would expect anyone who feels bad about My identity to deal with it Since I grew up living and cutting across with people of diverse tribes and Culture and at no time did they ever made me feel less of a person, either through my Career, education and Religion. Am a strong Definition of a detribalized Nigerian and A Symbol of Unity in Diversity in reality.
It is also not my Fault that I became too Exposed more than my Mate by the virtues of Divine Destiny. Calling Aisha Edward names only End up bringing our the Best in Me As A Warrior. That also Explains the deep Rooted love I have for the Hausa Fulanis Regardless of our Political Differences Caused by Dirty Politicians Today. The Fulani Man is Usually extra combatant in nature in terms of Physical Endowment which Can be confirmed through our Armed Forces Today, The Sacrifices of Lt Col. Abu Ali Speaks volumes of that and i must Give them the deserving Credit too as our Compatriots.
Now Moving on, Aisha did not Drop from the Sky as many have Rumored and continue to peddle their Favourite Lies Once they Feel Intimidated, but From A very Humble but Hard Working Family with few Medical Challenge out of Ignorance. Born to a very Rich and Powerful Business Man Called EDDY MY LOVER AUTOMOBILE of the blessed Memory, Was Based in Enugu. A ROYALTY FROM THE POPULAR EZEOGO FAMILY, IN OSO EDDA AFIKPO SOUTH LGA. The rest is Left for you to investigate Further.
Much as I love to serve humanity. I also Abhors pretence in Speaking out my Mind. May God bless Nigeria as we learn to Unite in Diversity. Walk and not Stumble Today.
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Aisha Edward third reply; 
With laughter and pity for the writer, I read a post made by the wife of the commissioner of Health Mrs Nkiruka Ugochukwu Akabuike, which she claimed was her right to reply to my initial post that revealed the deep fraud and gross misconduct in the Ministry of health. I was quite shocked at her level of ignorance to facts and evidences in the post, which buttresses the truths mentioned in my initial post.
For the purpose of transparency and Sincerity, I will like to Reply her post accordingly, clearing each paragraph with evidences she was unable to provide in her attempt to cover the crimes of her husband. Her reply is just a show of guilt and a weak Propaganda aimed at diverting attention From the misconducts of the commissioner as stated in the post.
APLSCD is a registered Non-Govermental Organization under the Part C category with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and by the implication of the Part C registration it has a known board of directors, and this voids the untrue claims by the commissioner’ wife that I own the Association. If I am not seen tomorrow, APLSCD will still continue without me, unlike in sole proprietorship ventures where it ends with the proprietor.
Also, if I wanted to singlehandedly manage the affairs of APLSCD, why will I request both the Catholic and Anglican bishops to provide us with Chaplains that will assist us in running the Association, providing us with advice and psychological counselling when we need them? These Chaplains are up to speed with our activities, and monitor our progress, so it is laughable to say APLSCD is a solo leadership.
She, the wife of the commissioner also claimed that ‘Aisha Edward’ is not my real name. Isn’t this quite laughable, because all my documents bear the name? Who uses a fake name for her National ID Card, Driver License, Voters Card, Book Publications and even Bank accounts? If Aisha is not my name as she wrongly stated why do all my documents bear the name. This is just a failed attempt of the commissioner’s wife to divert attention from the crux of the matter, which is how her husbands have been working in cohort with fraudulent NGOs in the State at the detriment of the health of citizens of the state.
Let me make it clear, I will be so stupid and insensitive to refuse to work with any NGO that shows true concern for our cause as persons living with sickle cell disorder. Same way I will fight any NGO that disguises herself with showing concern to our cause when they are actually ripping us off. The commissioner and his wife are obviously Unhappy that we were able to pull down a Criminal syndicate in the guise of a sickle cell foundation that has been used to milk and maim lives of persons living with sickle cell disorder. This foundation has maimed lots of lives, and hugely extorted money from persons living with sickle cell, without providing any form of welfare or genuine medical care, this are the kinds of Association they want us to work with. Show us a genuine NGO that truly have our welfare in mind, and we will even be the first to reach out to them, because the work is hectic and we can’t even do it alone.
She also said I am the Sole signatory to the Association’s account. How is that even possible, when I am not even the Board Chairman, but just a Secretary to the Board. Before any penny leaves the Association’s account it must be approved by the board, and my members can attest to the fact that you must have a 99.9% genuine reason to be able to get such approval. I repeat, if I am no more Tomorrow, APLSCD will continue without me.
I also remember we wrote the Commissioner for Health to be a member of our board when we were processing the CAC registration. He agreed to the proposal, only to back out when he realized that being a member in our board will jeopardize his stand in the deadly syndicate that has been ripping the state off, as he is Still making money from the fraudulent NGO.
This is a huge indictment on the Commissioner for Women Affairs, and even the commissioner for health. As at 2003, I wasn’t even in Anambra State, and by the records of the Government, APLSCD was registered as a volunteer Association in 2015, and the certificate is attached herein as clear evidence.
This assertion goes a long way to prove that the commissioner for health and his cohorts are aware that an NGO has been milking sickle cell persons in the state since 2003 and they kept mute. It is high time they told us who they have been working with. I Remember vividly when we reported a Fraudulent NGO to the commissioner for health, and he said he inherited the NGO, is this the NGO the wife is saying to have been in existence since 2003, the same NGO the commissioner is still working closely with, using them to maim lives of sickle cell persons and reap money of well meaning Nigerians.
The Document attached to this post clearly states when APLSCD Started after it registered with the state government. And in all our publications we have stated that we began in 2015. So the wife of the commissioner knows the NGO her husband has been operating with for the past 14 years.
I guess this is where she showed the world the volume of her ignorance. How can you asking for statement of account when we officially published our annual statement of account, sent it to the commissioner for Health, Governor and his wife, Bishops of both Catholic and Anglican diocese, and also made it available on our website. We do not hide our affairs, we are transparent, and that is why if you check our website you will not only see our activities but also see beneficiaries of all the funds we received from Benefactors. Before you come online to Sun Dry your Guilt, check our website first WWW.APLSCD.ORG
She also questioned how we utilized the donations we received from benefactors. Let me make it clear, through the Sponsorship of Prince Engr. Arthur Eze we built a Sickle Cell Specialist Clinic at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Ukpo, and this clinic is being managed by professionals and specialists with grounded knowledge of Sickle Cell Disorder, providing our members the Quality healthcare they need. It is also on record that we invited the commissioner for health During the Grand Opening of this Clinic in 2016, and as usual he didn't come due to his Guilt. We were able to build a Clinic for persons living with sickle cell disorder, while the commissioner is yet to build even a hut of any kind for any Medically Challenged Group.
Also, For the funds we received from benefactors we were able to publish over 10, 000 copies of our sickle cell sensitization booklet, which we use for our sensitization campaigns across schools and churches in the state. The Assertion of the commissioner's wife bares the level of Neglect we receive from the commissioner, as we always write to him about any progress we make.
If the commissioner and his wife are not aware of our activities they should visit the Bishop of their diocese to get a detailed analysis of our activities, since these bishops watch us grow, or they can also write us to get any information they need, or visit our website at their convenience.
As much as you have the right to reply, you Should at least not veil yourself with shame and cheap propaganda in doing So. Rev.Fr. Ebebe did not organize any event on our behalf in Nanka during the period as stated in the reply of the commissioner’s wife. The said event where Chief Victor Umeh, one of our strong benefactors donated N500K is our Annual End of the year Get-together Graced by Mr Oseloka Obaze, Our Chaplains Lead by Rev. Fr. Barr. Obiora Okeke and Other Clergymen, which we celebrated at Austica Memorial College Nanka. It was never Organized by Fr. Ebebe as claimed by her. This discrepancy in her reply has shown the level of her ignorance, and why nothing said in her post should be believed. If you want to make a reply, get your facts right.
Why haven’t the commissioner taken us to court, if he feels we are lying against him. Of course he knows he will lose and will even be sentenced for the heavy crimes against Anambra citizens and that is why he is avoiding the court, but using his wife to fight us on social media. If You think we are lying against you, let’s see in court, then we shall provide all the Shocking evidences we have.



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