Monday, 29 May 2017

Obiano has no dream for Ndi Anambra—Nwibe

Engr Bart Nwibe is a governorship aspirant in Anambra under the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2017 governorship election. Speaking in a recent chat with Okechukwu Onuegbu of, he described Governor Obiano as a man with no dream for ndi Andmbra, adding that he's a patriotic man for the sit.

Sir, what inspires you to decide to become governor of Anambra?
Having achieved success in the energy and construction sectors, I believe it is time to make a greater leadership sacrifice for the society. I believe that only through purposeful leadership on the platform of state government that I can maximize the abundant, human energy and material resources to improve the standard of living of Ndi Anambra, especially those struggling to put food on their tables and fast-track the development of all sectors of the state.
Again, every meaningful development is hinged on leadership. In our context, it must be leadership tailored by Christian values and sound education.

Do you think you can make it giving the fact that many people hail the present administration; even as Anambra North insists on completing two terms?
Obiano has no dream for Ndi Anambra. A true leader must have a dream, a vision, a focus and a target. The transformation of human societies depends so much on these qualities. The application of trending technological breakthroughs to actual native intelligence serves as a gateway to advanced society. Regrettably, the leadership of Anambra State today is a far cry from these realities.
Apart from security of lives and properties where the current administration improved on the gains of his predecessors, Sen. Christ Ngige and Peter Obi; and three old-fashioned and ill conceived flyovers, there are no visible development in other sectors of the state economy. This is very worrisome especially when Ndi Anambra know that the incumbent reportedly inherited over N75 billion (cash and investment) from the Gov. Peter Obi’s administration and has huge resources from internally Generated Revenues (IGR) at his disposal.
This present administration is characterized, among other things, by
lack of transparency and accountability in fiscal management; frivolous expenditure of state resources, lack of continuity in most inherited projects,
lopsided/sectional infrastructural development, one-sided political appointments, among many other things.
These verifiable facts are glaring indices of an administration that is devoid of visionary leadership. Thus, there is an urgent need to hand over the reins of government to a more capable hand for better governance come March 18, 2018. That is why I am in the race.

Do you think you have better package for Anambra State?
My vision for Anambra is to propel the state to excellence with purposeful leadership that would harness her human capital, natural resources and entrepreneurial spirit, for a secured, just and knowledge-based state with her own energy (electricity) source for prosperity (wealth creation).
My mission for Anambra State is to enthrone excellence in all spheres of life and enterprise; so that Anambra would become the premier state in Nigeria: with international recognition in business and commerce, academics, science and medicine; human capital development, with peace, security and enduring infrastructures that can best any of its kind anywhere in Africa.
We will propel Anamabra State to excellence through visionary leadership. We will make Anambra oil and gas producing state, thereby, positioning her for massive wealth creation and prosperity.
We will make Anambra State self-sufficient in electricity generation with gas derived from her oil and gas sector. We will create employment opportunities through industrialization and articulated programs in agriculture. We will embark on systematic and all-inclusive support/aid for the education of all Ndi Anambra children in all our schools. We will make Anambra a more secure and peaceful state; thereby, creating a friendly environment for businesses and new investments.



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