Friday, 5 May 2017

My wife insists I must wear condom before I can fuck her, man tells court

…He is father of my 3-year old child, pregnant wife insists
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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

A mild drama recently played out at Anambra State Customary Court sitting at Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area as one Ikechukwu Anarah alleged that his wife, Nkiruka Anarah (nee Nwogo) has never allowed him to have sexual intercourse with her without wearing condom.

Nkiruka earlier filed divorce suit accusing her husband of negligence to his responsibility as head of the family, and also for chasing her out of their matrimonial home.

However, the defendant while questioning the plaintiff, alleged that he always plead with his wife for hours before she could give in to his sexual appetite, and whenever she does, she would insists that he must use condom.

Ikechukwu, who posited that he was the breadwinner of the family, also accused his wife of unfaithfulness, alleging that she had abandon him on several occasion to her unknown boyfriend based at Lagos, as well as squandered the money he used to setup an enterprise for her.

Responding, the plaintiff refuted all her husband’s allegations, adding that the marriage was blessed with a-3-year-old child.

Nkiruka, who is currently pregnant, explained that she wanted divorce because according to her, there are suitors asking for her hands in marriage, but her estranged husband has refused to come for the dowry he earlier paid on her even though he has married another woman.

When the court President, Joy Mbachu asked the respondent how the marriage became blessed with a child if indeed they had never had sex unprotected sexual intercourse, Ikechukwu attributed it to God, adding that it was first time he slept with his wife without condom.

Mbachu also sought to know why the applicant (Nkiruka) was pregnant having admitted that she left their matrimonial home for some years, and she responded that it belongs to another man who is ready to pay her bride price in order to refund Ikechukwu.

That was even as Ikechukwu disclosed that he would consent to divorce if only the plaintiff would release the child to him.

However, Nkiruka explained that the child would only be returned to her husband when he is 18 year old.

Meanwhile the case was adjourned till May 30 for further hearing.



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